Street Scenes St Petersburg, Russia

One of the arches in the city. There are many statues of horses in the city which I love.

Hi again- We have had a rest day today with only an hour long boat ride through the canals to the river. The river empties into the Gulf of Finland but we didn’t get anywhere near that today.  We have enjoyed the three days here. It is a beautiful city and there are many gorgeous things to see. Palaces, forts, cathedrals but everyone takes photos of those and google has far nicer photos of those than I can take.  The Hermitage museum with its five buildings is completely overwhelming and I must admit we are satiated with too much of it. I don’t think we can handle one more cathedral or one more palace.

Yesterday was a cold, rainy day as we went from place to place. We were to have gone to a folk dance performance last night but it was unexpectedly cancelled. I can’t say we didn’t love some extra rest time in the hotel.

Cold, rainy day. 

When I travel my favourite thing to do is to take pictures of people. I love street scenes. I like to see what the locals do and how they dress. I like to watch them going about their business.  To me that is what travel is all about. The locals here are a bit more reserved than many places but you can get a smile out of most of them.

It has been cold and rainy so I am sharing some street photography from our city tour on the bus we took yesterday afternoon.  There are only 11 in our group, plus Peter, our Latvian tour director who will be with us for the whole trip and Tatianna, who was our St Petersburg guide.  The group size is lovely and we all get along famously.


Enjoy some simple street scenes taken on a rainy, cloudy day through the windows of a bus.












We have seen some beautiful fall colours. 
Penguin is loving the cooler weather.


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  1. I do hope it wasn’t the Kostroma folk dance that you missed. It was one of the highlights of our trip. They told the story of Russia’s history through dance, and it was spectacular.
    If that’s what you missed, let me know when you get back, and I will trust you with my much-loved (professionally made) DVD of the company. As long as you promise to post it back afterwards!

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  2. a green gate!! with horses! amazing… i was startled by the really big diameter drainpipe on the side of the building: it must really pour, there… great photos as usual… tx so much for the peek (s)…

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