Moscow Metro

We are very fortunate on this tour as only 11 people signed up. It is a very manageable group and everyone is very compatible.  We are instant friends it seems and having quite a few laughs.

Yesterday our small group was taken underground to visit the much heralded Moscow metro stations. Each station has a different decor of art, chandeliers, sculptures and other decorations. Some are quite opulent while others are more modern. We spent more than an hour hopping off and on trains to visit several stations.  The trains are very frequent, often no more than three or four minutes apart. There are lines leaving the city plus the ‘brown’ line that is circular and goes to all of the tourist spots. Cost is about 55 cents Australian.  The train stops very quickly, doors open for only a very short period of time (Sydney train doors open for much longer). We were instructed to not all go into one door as we wouldn’t make it. The train arrived, we picked our door and jumped hurriedly on. Our guide would tell us how many stops until we reversed the process and quickly exited. I don’t know what the disabled or parents with prams do as there is next to no waiting for anyone. The trains accelerate quickly as many people are transported all over the place.

The history of the metro is extensive and interesting.  To save time I have included the Wikipedia link if you are interested. Click here if you’d like more information.

For my part I will share some of the photos I took. I hope you enjoy them.

On the way to the train station
The architecture here was beautiful
The train arrives


People watching
This was on the ceiling
One station had many stained glass windows
I loved this sculpture and as people pass it they pat the dog. You can see the wear and tear on dog’s face.
Coming and going.
The cleaning lady outside of the station. So many pigeons.
Penguin has always enjoyed trains.

5 thoughts on “Moscow Metro

  1. Ooh, #envy your photos of the Metro are so much better than mine! (I know this because I took photos of the exact same stained glass windows.)
    It’s so interesting to see that there was no sign of graffiti anywhere on the stations I saw, not even the ones that are nothing special. It could be because people take pride in them, or that they get cleaned up immediately because they’re a tourist attraction (albeit one the government makes no money out of, assuming they haven’t been privatised). Or it could just be that they are in constant use so there’s always people around who would disapprove.
    I’m happy to hear that Penguin is enjoying himself:)

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  2. they evidently put effort into keeping the subway clean: that means a lot… plus all the artwork, meaning the government has money to put into beautification: important, i think.. friend Penguin looks contented…

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