Simply Sunday

A Recap of the Past Week….

Odie enjoyed his swims at the dog beach. 

This has not been a good week. Not at all. No, It has been an awful week except for maybe one bright spot later on in the week, but that hardly seemed important.  Let me start.

On Monday we took our beautiful dog Odie to the vet for more tests to ascertain why his legs are swelling. Why is he in pain. Making a long story short…A full day at the vet’s, extensive blood work results and three hours of ultra sound tests on his shaved belly have revealed a 5 1/4 cm tumour in his pancreas. As well as another tumour on his spleen and his liver. Prognosis?  Weeks maybe? If the swelling doesn’t go down in his legs then probably he will be put to sleep pretty immediately.  The swelling has gone down a bit and medication is managing his pain.  So he continues to be cared for night and day by us. Now, a week later, we are getting our heads around it and are not a sobbing mess.

We have a month long trip coming up to the Eastern European countries the end of September. That is our dilemma. It’s booked and paid for and the Housesitter who Odie loves has come to visit him and talk with us. The vet doesn’t think we will still have him by the time we leave. But they don’t know if the tumours have been slow growing or came on quickly, all at once. Surgery is not an option as the pancreatic tumour is very inaccessible, a great deal of vascular things tied up with it and we won’t put him through even an exploratory.  Besides we all know pancreatic cancer doesn’t generally end well. So if he is still coping okay before we leave do we leave him for a month and hope nothing comes up with the Housesitter? Though the Housesitter and the vet will easily work together. Do we want to have him put to sleep when we aren’t here? Or do we have this happen before we go even though he may be okay while we are gone? The dilemma. I guess we will wait and see until closer to the date and see what the vet says. We trust her and she’s a good friend as well so we’ll see.

Snip20181121_17Now we are enjoying what time we have left and doing everything in our power to get back to normal and let Odie know that he’s okay. He is very happy and very comfortable. As soon as that changes, then he will gently be put to sleep. And please, I don’t want anyone talking about the ‘rainbow bridge’.  I really don’t like the way  many people look at death of a pet.  He’s had a caring, loving life and has never known pain, hunger or lack of shelter. When it is time for him to go he will go with as much love as he had when he lived. That’s all any of us can ask for.


Snip20190819_3I have started the book I talked about last week. These Dividing Walls by Fran Cooper.  I’ve not read a lot as it’s often hard to temporarily concentrate enough this week but the writing is exquisite and I am really enjoying it. The Paris apartment block where this story takes place has interesting characters and wonderful descriptions.  I will read it slowly so my slow mind can enjoy all I find it to be offering.

On the Audible scene I am listening to The Golden Earrings by Belinda Alexandra. It’s historical fiction based on real events in Spain. I haven’t read historical fiction since I was in the my 20s and 30s.  But when travelling in Spain we saw a performance of Flamenco dancers that was stunning. I enjoy the music and dance of Flamenco so much. One of the people who travelled with us told me how much she enjoyed this book. It focuses on the time when women were first allowed to dance Flamenco as it was a man’s domain for a long time. The protagonist evidently decides that she is going to change this and the novel is based on the woman in life who made this happen.  We’ll see how it goes. Since had it for one of my credits I decided to see if the story is good or not.  I’ll let you know.Snip20190825_1

The bit of good news I had is about my photography. Months ago I saw a competition in Australian Photography magazine calling for people photos taken in Black and White.  I took a photo of a hotel porter walking in the rain, taking our bags to our room in Sri Lanka. We walked behind him and the photo in my mind called me to pick up the camera that was around my neck and snap his photo. I loved the result and thought why not send it in.  Then I completely forgot about it.

Thursday night I received an email from Australian Photography magazine that it had received a Commendation congratulating me on the photo.  It didn’t make it through the second shortlist but did make the first shortlist.  Considering thousands of people enter these competitions I was really happy it got as far as it did.  It won’t go any further now but I do have the commendation certificate on the wall.  I needed a bit of good news this week and that could not have been better. Especially as the more conservative landscape photographers in our Photo Club never seem to like my photos of people.  They never do well in the local challenges. However a love of photography and all art for that matter is subjective and I never let others put me off something if I like it. That’s all that matters. Photographers in Tasmania take lots of photos of wilderness areas.  Lots of lone trees on sun bleached landscapes. I call it Trees and Moss photography and waterfalls thatSnip20190825_2 looked like combed ice.  It is beautiful photography, no question about it, but I prefer to document life as I see it and Street Photography is my favourite form of photography so I continue to do it. Many in our club believe it exploits people or the photos should not be allowed without permission. I would never focus on someone I thought I was exploiting, ie (homeless people or disabled people). I generally get permission when getting frontal views and never share photos or take photos of children without parent’s permission and telling them why I’m doing it although Australian law states one can take as many photos as one wants if in a public arena.  There are ethics around street photography and I tend to adhere to them.

Well we will see what this next week brings because for now everything really is One Day At A Time.Snip20190825_5

19 thoughts on “Simply Sunday

  1. I’m so sad about Odie. I saw in you other post he’s doing better, but still, those are a lot of tumors. Poor little man. It’s comforting to know he had the best of life and will continue to do so. I hope he’ll be with for many weeks and hopefully months to come.


  2. Sorry to hear about Odie. It is difficult when a beloved pet gets ill. I hope it will be solved for the best. As you said, he had a very good life with you.
    Love your photos, they are excellent. Congratulations to the attention of this beautiful photo. Love black-and-white photos. They give another dimension to the world.


  3. So sorry to read about your doggie’s ill health. It is very sad. And a difficult decision for you. I think Odie will communicate with you and you will make the right decision. Dogs have a way of doing this.


  4. i’m upset about Odie… all the pictures and walks and beaches i felt like i knew him… sincere condolences… i think your photos are simply remarkably good: they speak to me in a way i’ve realized over my long life that is not common… you have a great eye…


    1. Thank you for your kind words. Odie is holding stable now and he is very happy. He will always have a happy life even if shortened. Unlike us humans we won’t allow him to ever experience suffering.


  5. Ohhhhhh Odie….dear Odie….I can’t even. Like so many others, I, too, know what you’re going through right now and the tears you’re crying. Hugs all around!!!!

    I sure hope Dividing Walls is as good as the cover!!!!!

    I love your photo!!! Congrats on it getting as far as it did! That’s amazing.


  6. Congrats re the photograph – its so satisfying to have one’s work recognised.
    I am 100% with you the the rainbow bridge issue. It doesn’t sit well with me either.


  7. First, congratulations on your commendation! I do love your photographs. That black and white one is wonderful! I’m so sorry about Odie. HUGS! Whatever decision you make will be the right decision, because you’ll be making it with love and respect.

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  8. It’s the biggest responsibility of sharing our lives with pets. Sometimes it seems too big. I wish you all luck.
    Congratulations on your photograph. A bit of bright light in your life. I’ve enjoyed the photos you’ve posted.

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  9. So sorry about your news, I have been in that exact same position with a pet, we opted to wait until we returned, since he seemed to be doing so well and our daughter was home to look after him, but just before we came home he had a turn for the worse and Bron and the vet made the hard decision to ease his suffering. I wish I had been with him and I know it is silly, we did the best we could and he had a great life, but I still feel bad that I was not with him at the last moment. It is always hard, pets really are a part of the family.
    Your photography is lovely and my partner has the same policy with people photos, he tries to take photos from behind and will never use a photo publicly without permission. Hope the coming week is a better one.


  10. Oh dear, poor little Odie I am sorry to hear the news. It’s always such a difficult decision to make when there’s nothing to be done for the disease, and bless them, our loved little ones seem always to choose the worst possible time. Both our Silky terriers at different times managed to do their cruciate ligaments just before we set off on journeys long booked and paid for and we had to decide whether to have the surgery delayed till our return 6 weeks later, or to have it done and rely on good friends to manage the recuperation. (Which as you would know, with small dogs who love to jump on the sofa for a cuddle, is not easy to manage). But necessary farewells are much harder to endure: we do love our little treasures and deciding when to end their lives is incredibly difficult.
    That’s interesting about the opinions of your photo club. Some people can be very judgemental these days, as if they and they alone know what an ethical framework is. I think your photo is beautiful and empathetic too.
    Wishing you courage and strength for the testing times ahead with Odie, Lisa


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