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Snip20190811_7This has been a very quiet week. The weather here has been cold, blustery, snowy and windy as a polar vortex sweeps the southeastern part of Australia. So we have not gone outdoors much at all except to run errands and stock up on food.

I have gotten into the book The Red Kangaroo by Hannah Blackmore. It is an Australian Travel Diary written by her in 2001. This year she has decided to publish it in the book I’m currently reading.  The author blurb on the back states she is from Jersey in the Channel Islands and now lives in Hobart, Tasmania. She is an artist and writer, working from her studio in Salamanca. She is passionate about art and travel.   Maybe I’ll run into her.  She kept a diary for one year as she travelled around Australia in 2001. Each entry is a paragraph or three about each day from mid 2001 into 2002.  So far she still hasn’t left Sydney. Evidently she is spending Christmas with family members before taking off on her own to backpack around the country.

I am enjoying it so far. She is a good writer and as this is a diary, she is quite concise which I enjoy. I am getting a good look into the life of living in a backpackers hostel on Bondi Beach and she writes a lot about her days at Coogee, Bondi and areas between there and the city centre.  She visits galleries and gardens, works briefly in a local, very busy cafe and spends days at the beach with new found friends and her boyfriend who visited from the UK for three weeks.

I am looking forward to the rest of her trip.  If you enjoy travel diaries then this one is fun and doesn’t take long to read. I’m also wondering if her relationship stacks up while she is away for one year and he is in the UK.


My other reading has me going cover to cover with Australian Photographic Magazine, Womankind Magazine (published here in Hobart)  and MindFood magazine (all Australian).  Winter is a great time for long, hot baths, hot drinks and reading magazines.  I get motivation when I read what the rest of the world is currently doing and magazines are good for that.

Our dog Odie and his friend Charlie (greyhound featured a couple of posts ago) had a play date bush walk up the fire track on Thursday and also we visited the donkey up the road. However Odie has either been bitten by something or somehow managed to get something into his foot that has caused quite the infection. Saturday’s trip to the vet with his very sore back left foot had him in hospital for the afternoon for x-rays (no fracture or tumours), a couple of high doses of methadone that made him a very sociable dog and antibiotics. He continues those now he is home with another check scheduled for tomorrow. He is such a drama queen and pretty much refuses to walk on three legs so we are carrying him outdoors in the pouring rain all weekend from the polar vortex. Now who’s being a drama queen?  As he’s 16 kgs this is great fun, while waiting for him to do his doggie business.  Hopefully whatever is causing his swollen, very painful foot will ease off in the next couple of days.

Most recent photo of Odie- 2019

As Odie spends long days on my bed sleeping and refusing to walk, yet we don’t want him to jump up and down off the bed, I am on the computer sorting through old photographs from a couple of years ago, keeping an eye on him.  I thought I would share a few of my Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary photos that I forgot I had. As I have several North American and European blogging friends I thought they might enjoy seeing some of our wildlife here.

All photos taken at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary that cares for injured animals with view to release back into the wild, if possible and educate the public about our wildlife. They have rescued more than 7000 injured and sick animals this past year.

Greg, the owner, explains to tourists about the life of wombats. I love the expressions on their faces. 
Orphan wombat being cared for until old enough to be released into the wild.
Tasmanian devil, part of the education and research programs
Eastern Rosella2
Eastern Rosellas that just hang around the Sanctuary in the wild.
Koala. Not native to Tasmania. He is here for education and display to the tourists who love them. They are not allowed to be held but are patted at sometimes under strict supervision. 

We’ll look forward to seeing what this coming week brings. Hope your weekend is sharping up to be a good one and for you Australians, hope the storms didn’t hurt you too much. received_344353279619767

11 thoughts on “Simply Sunday

  1. What lovely animals (especially Odie!) I have had a weakness for koalas since I was achild too as we had a puppet series called Tingha and Tucker about two such bears. Oddly the weather in the northern hemisphere has been wild and stormy too (although not so cold). Truly the seasons are confused…


  2. poor Odie… it must be painful… i’d imagine backpacking in Australia is a bit different than doing it here, with more snakes and bugs to look out for… sounds like an interesting book… our new Chihuahua, Henry, is doing fine and is hyperactive plus, keeping us on the hop for most of the day… hopefully he’ll calm down in a year or two…


    1. Odie is feeling better today. The snakes pretty much leave people alone if not bothered. Some flies and mosquitos I imagine. You must put up a photo of your Henry on a post so we can meet him. Nothing more fun than a goofy, hyper dog. Have fun.


  3. I love your animals, both Odie and your other pets and the native animals. I may have mentioned this to you before, but when I was growing up in the 1950s in the Lancaster, PA, area, there was a Saturday morning children’s puppet show called “Percy Platypus and His Friends”. Other characters were Cousin Kiwi, Wikilou Wombat, and Poky Dingo. I was even on their Birthday Parade twice! You can Google Percy and his friends to find out more and hear the birthday song. I’ve always been puzzled as to how and why Percy and Cousin Kiwi and their Australian / Tasmanian friends appeared all the way around the world in Pennsylvania!


  4. I don’t know if other dogs do this but sometimes when my drama queen has reason to limp, she forgets which leg to limp on and alternates. This makes things a bit tricky when the vet wants to know which one is sore!


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