A Bit Late with Simply Sunday

Snip20190720_1Well, I finished The Other Typist by Suzanne Rindell. I listened to it on audible and the narrator, Gretchen Mol did an excellent job reading this book.

Penguin and I immersed ourselves in 1920s New York City where this story takes place. Rose, a plain orphan girl grows up and finds work in a New York City precinct police station in the typing pool. She resides in a share room in a boarding house that is run by a WWI war widow with a small child. She doesn’t fit in with the others and keeps to herself. A real plain Jane. She enjoys her work as she listens to criminals give statements, records what they say and types it up. She is infatuated with the Sergeant who oversees much of what goes on day to day and doesn’t entirely trust the more arrogant Lieutenant who is really in charge.

One day a very sophisticated young woman, Odalie,  arrives as a typist in the pool. Dressed to the nines, a fashionable bob, all heads turn.  Rose becomes very infatuated with Odalie, envies her appearance, her character, her fashion sense. She is really taken in by Odalie.

The story is how Odalie ingratiates herself into Rose’s life and completely takes over. Rose moves into her beautiful hotel suite that Odalie lives in, goes out to illegally run boozy clubs, wears her clothes. Odalie becomes Rose’s life. Where does Odalie get her wealth? hmmm

The story is told in hindsight as Rose relives her life from the time she met Odalie to her current circumstances. She is in a mental institution/jail. How did she get there? What happened?  You will have to read the book to find out. No spoilers here.


bluejumperI found this to be an average though unforgettable read. I enjoyed the time period very much. I enjoyed the location.  I thought the tale was quite predictable as events unfolded with a few red herrings thrown in. It was entertaining to listen to through bluetooth as I drove around running errands. It was worth 30 minutes of listening to at night as I set the sleep timer before I would drift off to sleep. I was interested in Rose and Odalie but I really did wonder why Rose couldn’t see what was coming.  It was quite obvious. I had many theories and I kept listening because I wanted to know if I was right. I was most of the time but not always.

It was just fun fiction without too much energy having to be spent. If this is your type of book you might enjoy it. I did.

I have been studying photography a great deal. Studying Photoshop and learning how to blur backgrounds, clone out unwanted items in the photo, how to change colours, brighten landscapes.

Charlie 2 copyMy friend who has an adopted greyhound named Charlie had a play date with Odie at the beach. I had him involved in a photoshoot and was very happy with the results. So were his owners.  We have another play date scheduled for later this week.

I’ll try to get some of my travel photos up for Thursday or Friday this week. I have been sorting them into categories. Doors and windows, portraits, street scenes, landscape, animals. It has been fun. I’ve even changed some backgrounds in some of them.

The weather here has been a warm wintry 12 or 13 degrees C during the day which has been very pleasant for photography and walking my dogs. I’ll share a couple of photos I took of them yesterday. They were happy to run around in the reserve behind our house.

I’ve started a new book. A travel diary by an Australian author. Actually she is from the UK but now lives here in Hobart and I am enjoying her daily diary she kept during her travels in Australia just after 9/11 in 2001. More on that later. So until then,  say hello to Penguin, Odie and Molly.

Molly 2
14 year old Molly (Molly Melodrama as a friend calls her)


Dear Odie (the Big Loaf)

9 thoughts on “A Bit Late with Simply Sunday

  1. Love the photos of the dogs! And aren’t audio books great for getting to sleep, I did the same thing with an audio book of Dracula, I have read it before but the audio book was just great for helping me get to sleep and setting the timer meant I didn’t miss anything.


  2. Do you have the full version of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements? I use the latter and find it more than sufficient for cleaning up some photos but there are certain things I simply can’t get the hang of (like cut outs around an image). My husband is the professional user in our household and though he;s been using Photoshop for about 10 years he still finds new techniques. Its a huge program….


        1. I pay about $15.00 a month but I use it all of the time. To get your money’s worth you really do need to use it, like anything I guess. (Cheaper than a book actually).


  3. i’ve been stuck in the middle of the 20th C. for a while now… but i’ll see if i can find it in the library… hello Odie, Molly and Penguin!

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  4. Thanks for your thoughts on The Other Typist! I really love that cover and added it to my TBR when you first showed it to us.

    I love the pictures of the doggos! Especially the greyhound! Interestingly, the picture pops up in a much larger, brilliant size in Feedly than it does when I click out of Feedly to go directly to your site. I’m finding that’s the case with a lot of blogs, not just yours. So, I look at the photos inside Feedly and then pop over to the actual website to leave a comment.


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