Penguin’s Thursday Travel Photos

I have a lot of photos to sort through so I thought I’d put a few up here on Thursdays, hence Penguin’s Thursday Travel Photos.  If you aren’t interested in photos then you can just ignore the post. It will be more of a journal for myself and I do have quite a few photographers that check in from my posting on Instagram.

These photos are from Valencia, Spain. I enjoy street photography. My aim is to document what happens on the streets and to find people that are not holding a mobile phone. That in itself is a challenge in itself. I don’t want photos of a bunch of people walking around holding mobiles.

Those who are visiting here today…I hope you enjoy.





















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20 thoughts on “Penguin’s Thursday Travel Photos

  1. totally fascinating photos! el perro has a very Spanish expression on his face! i didn’t see anyone smoking, which surprised me: much different than Mexico…


    1. There was quite a bit of smoking , at least compared to Tassie. They allow smoking outdoors at restaurants which they don’t here. Hobart is outlawing smoking within the city limits.


  2. I love street photography!!!

    The market – So much going on, I wish I knew how to zoom in and around. LOL

    The doggo – How cute is he??? I want to grab his face with both hands and plant a big ol’ kiss on him. Could you pet him?

    Hellooooo hottie peaches man! Nice forearms. Love the expression on the lady’s face.

    Love the colorful buildings.

    Are those little figurines the man with the scarf has? I love those and I love him. So much character in his face.

    Love the fountain.

    Looking forward to more Thursday Travel Photos. 🙂


    1. The man with the scarf…..the “figurines” were bird whistles. We saw those for sale many places. You put water in them and blow fairly hard and they sound just like birds. Each one is a bit different.

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    1. Ha ha! I wondered that as well and couldn’t figure out how to enlarge or zoom in. I ended up having to save the image and then open it and then I could zoom in and see the hands. Great picture. I wonder how long he’d been working on that piece.


  3. Beautiful photos of Valencia city life, Pam.
    Love the vibrant colours of the buildings.


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