Tasmania Huon Valley Yukon Tours – A Great Day Out for a Saturday Wander

On the 30th of March two of my friends and I decided to have a ‘local’ adventure and drive down to the small town of Franklin in the Huon Valley to do an afternoon tour on a small ship that goes up and down the river.

We had just boarded and this is the view to shore.
This is the three of us on our Girl’s Day Out. Patricia in the back ground with the glam hair, my 90 year old friend Betty and myself keeping them all in order. You can see the containers the food was in.

We were on the water for about 2.5 hours and enjoyed a brilliant day out of sunshine, mild breezes and the best food. All of the food and wine is produced in the local Huon Valley. We had locally smoked pork (the meat eaters amongst us), salad, pickled onion and radish type treats as well as the best local cheese and home baked bread one could ask for.  The food was served to each of us in, what I can only describe as a small horse trough shaped container.  It was very clever. Everything was packaged up and was a great deal of fun to explore. We found too many goodies to eat to remember. We were busy gnawing our way through it all.

3N3A7304 copyTasmanian wines were sampled as well but as I was driving so my sampling ability was rather limited.  The guy up front told us a bit about the boat.

I have been practising getting sun stars and was very happy photographing this one.

I think the photos will speak for themselves as to how much fun we had.  It was a wonderful Saturday Wander.


There is a lot of work to keep these boats going. This one has been completely restored and began its life in Scandinavian regions. It was sailed for I believe they said 7 years and once they found Tasmania, they went no farther.


I’m happy they knew what they were doing. I am not a boat person so am really hopeless. 
We sailed past local paddocks and sheds. Such a gorgeous day but you can see how dry it has been here. We still need rain.
Dessert finished us off with a custard type dessert and local fresh berries. So good.
3N3A7311 copy
Our hosts were wonderful and I can vouch for them, they never stopped giving us wonderful things and they never stop smiling. 

Until Next Time…..

I stayed home and worked in the garden. Someone has to do it. Girl’s Day Out. Yeah, Right.

15 thoughts on “Tasmania Huon Valley Yukon Tours – A Great Day Out for a Saturday Wander

  1. spectacular ship! couldn’t tell what rig it was, maybe a fore and aft… that looked like a balloon spinnaker in one shot; amazing photos as per usual: it looks so clean there and relatively unpopulated… i’m making a point of living there in my next lifetime!


      1. Thanks! I think this is the perfect gift for The Spouse’s 70th birthday next January. I’m just checking what happens if the tour is cancelled due to bad weather…


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