Travellin’ Thursday- Willie Smith’s Apple Shed

received_2397288277216558I am going to Europe for a month in mid-May with two girlfriends. I will be doing more serious photography but will also use my Samsung phone for facebook, Instagram and blogging in short spurts. I would like to share some photos with friends and the Penguin will be leaving this page and travelling with me too. I won’t forget him this time. I’m going to be on a tour with 20 people max and going to Spain, Portugal and Morocco.  Mr Penguin is staying home caring for our creatures. We are known for doing “his” trips, “her” trips and “our” trips. He recently did a “his” trip to India, now it’s time for a “her” trip. We will do an “our” trip at the end of the year.  This arrangement is probably why we’ve been married for almost 50 years.received_340757306791783

I have not done blog posts on my Samsung tablet so I am doing it now and seeing how it comes out. I don’t want to take a laptop and download the raw photos and edit, etc while travelling. I think this might work.

There are often times I’d like to write up a quick book post or local adventure at night from the comfort of my bed without firing up the big desktop.

20190410_143019Today we went to Willie Smith’s Apple Shed with two other couples. It is a renovated shed that has an apple museum, cider distillery and restaurant with all local Tasmanian food. It’s great. We sat at big picnic like tables, drank wonderful Tassie red wine (though I was limited as I was the driver) and ate wonderful food. It was a clear, sunny autumn day and we had many laughs. One example was the conversation between two of our friends, one a former Catholic priest who remains very spiritual and the other a devout atheist kept us entertained. It was all very good natured.

Autumn in Tasmania is glorious with the light especially. We don’t get the bright reds and oranges as much as North America but yellows and russets and all shades in between into lighter oranges are beautiful. 20190410_143143

On the way out we picked up some Indian apple  chutney, apple jam and apple brandy of which I have yet to taste. Tasmania is the apple state of Australia and you would not believe how many wonderful varieties of apples there are. Yet our grocery stores seem to sell only about four varieties. The rest are exported all over but mainly to Japan. One must travel to local markets or food stalls to get some of the lesser known varieties. If you look at the photos you can see the apples, yes these are real, with their name printed below each one. Quite amazing really.

I hope this post is formatted okay because if this works I will certainly have more posts to share while on the road. I think I’ve said enough for  Thursday Travel.

Until next time…


15 thoughts on “Travellin’ Thursday- Willie Smith’s Apple Shed

  1. Looks great! I’m jealous of you, heading into Autumn, my favorite season. We’re doing Spring up here, with sweltering, bug-ridden Summer to follow. But I’m looking forward to the fresh produce. Our grocery store seems limited in its apple selection, too, though it sometimes makes an error and stocks something besides Granny Smith and Red Delicious.


  2. your photos just pop out; it’s amazing how you get them to do that… that place must have been a lot of fun… never heard of apple jam; maybe i can get Mrs. M to make some…

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  3. Yes, your post looks fine (and brought back happy memories of our own explorations in ‘apple country’).
    I toyed with the idea of using an iPad for photos and blogging for my forthcoming trip but decided against it. BlogPadPro was the name of the app that I used and it worked fine, but it was the photos that were a problem. Any photos taken with the iPad (or camera) were huge file sizes, so adding them to a post made it slow to load both for me uploading them and readers loading the page anywhere with poor internet access (which surprisingly I have experienced in #sarcasm out-of-the-way places like the Gold Coast at Burleigh Waters, and the Hunter Valley.) Resizing photos for blogging involved buying an app and learning how to use it and having to sort all that out as well as find time for blogging at the end of a tiring day.
    SO I’ve bought a new, small, laptop with a removable tablet for photos. I can save them with a file name in a folder of my choice (which you can’t do with an iPad) and then resize them easily with Paint. What software have you used to draft this post? Did you do it directly on WP, or do a draft with something first and then upload it?


  4. I read posts via WP Reader so any fancy-schmancy formatting is wasted on me. LOL

    Boy all those apple goodies look delicious!!!!

    I love the idea of His Hers and Our trips!!! Have fun!!!

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  5. A great format. It worked perfectly. I wish I could taste all those different apples. We mainly get 4 kinds and they are all expensive. Apple brandy……yummmmmmm!

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