Wordless Wednesday-Wooden Boat Festival Part One

I’ve not done a wordless Wednesday so here we go. I’ll just say, it’s not entirely wordless. Being wordless is not in my nature…..

Tasmanian Wooden Boat Festival- February 2019

This festival is held bi-yearly.

Boats were jammed in everywhere
A cruise ship was also in port. 


I love the polished wood, colours and flags.
A very good Aussie name.
I had to feature a boat from my original homeland.
People everywhere looking at everything.
I loved this boat. 
The above boat contrasted in size with the cruise ship.
I photographed quite a few people on their boats.
This guy was a happy chappie.
Not to forget the dogs. He was waiting for his owner to return. Five minutes later, he was sound asleep on the deck.
My first walk past this boat saw these two. Gorgeous dog.
My second walk had the dog out on the deck. Isn’t he absolutely stunning. My sister said she felt like she should salute him.  I can see that!!

I’ll post up some other areas of the festival in future.

All the best to everyone from the Penguin and me.Snip20180427_2

12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday-Wooden Boat Festival Part One

  1. Tasmania is clearly enjoying some better weather than we are in the south island of New Zealand right now. Local people welcome rain because they are on water restrictions after the hot dry summer, but for we tourists its a bit of a bummer


    1. I understand. We need some good rainfalls too to put out the last of the fires burning in wilderness areas. Too bad you aren’t in the Hobart area. I could show you around. Enjoy your holiday.

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  2. wonderful pictures! the workmanship is amazing… i’d like to buy the Kookabura: the ultimate in craftmanship, imo… dogs like to sail, i think… my dad and brother and i used to sail a small boat on one of the sloughs leading out of San Francisco bay; we entered races but never won… fun, tho… tx a lot for showing the boats: a real treat and memory-provoking…


    1. The Kookaburra is a beautiful boat. I will put more of the boat photos up. There were several areas of the festival and I have only featured one area so far. Stay tuned. 🤠🐧


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