Wordless Wednesday- Well, almost…

Sri Lankan Photography -November, 2018

2018 SriLanka 1-163
It rained a lot. Hotel porter takes our bags to our rooms.
2018 SriLanka 1-161
School Children boarding their bus to school
2018 SriLanka 1-150
The whiteness of school uniforms really stood out. The government gives each child a uniform and it is up to the children to keep it clean.
2018 SriLanka 1-154
Passing by one of the many temples.
2018 SriLanka 1-134
The dining room at restaurant at elephant orphanage where we ate lunch and watched the elephants play in the river.
2018 SriLanka 1-132
Some of the many elephants that are walked to the river daily. The orphanage takes care of previously abused elephants and orphans. 
2018 SriLanka 1-170
Back on the bus, watching the men work the rice fields.
2018 SriLanka 1-183
One of the many temples we visited
2018 SriLanka 1-164
We saw monkeys in most of the places we visited. So much fun to watch.

2018 SriLanka 1-2202018 SriLanka 1-198

2018 SriLanka 1-242
This little guy was very interested in what we were doing and didn’t mind posing for this photo. 

Camera 5DMiii; Lens 24 to 105

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17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday- Well, almost…

      1. I remember seeing a doco once, about Australian wildlife photographers in a rainforest, and it showed how much was involved in setting things up and then waiting patiently, often for a very long time.


        1. Yes, I have seen shows like that. Photographers hiding all over the world in little box type structures to get that close up. If you’re on Instagram, andyparkinsonphotos has the best wildlife photos I have ever come across. Just brilliant.


          1. When you see people taking professional photos of dogs (and babies, I guess), they always use some kind of distraction item like a squeaky toy so that the dog turns around with eyes focussed on whatever it is. But wildlife photographers can’t use tricks like that, I guess. (Well, you wouldn’t want a lion to notice where you were!)


    1. I know! So much white everywhere. Probably spotted so much because of the heat. The government provides school uniforms to kids and when have we ever seen governments be practical? I think I will continue to use Wordless Wednesday for my photography. Seems a good idea at the moment.

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      1. Yes of course the heat. It makes me mad that in many of those hot, hot, hot middle east countries, the men wear white and the women black. So not only are they more covered when they go out but that are wearing black!

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