An Icelandic Christmas in Tasmania?

I do still have several old vintage Penguins. 

As many of you know Icelandic persons celebrate Christmas in a way that I love. The government sends each resident a catalog of books before the big day.  The residents pick out the books they plan to buy for their family members and off they go shopping. On Christmas Day they all receive their books as gifts and they they settle down and read for the day.  That sounds like heaven to me so we will come close to doing that tomorrow.

We have celebrated Christmas with a surrogate family (friends with kids) on Saturday so most of it is over. Mr. Penguin and I celebrate it on Christmas Eve.  Christmas morning is spent quietly at home, reading the papers, books, magazines and a leisurely breakfast. I might add it is to be 24 degrees C tomorrow here (75 F) so a lovely summer day. Then a friend will join us for afternoon tea later in the day.

I bought these books last year but they arrived too late to read them for the season so looking at them tomorrow. Very northern hemisphere but I love the covers and the authors.


Then it’s over. Of course the big Sydney to Hobart boat race begins on Boxing Day (26th) and we usually listen to a bit of that news or watch them leave Sydney Harbour on TV.  The boats begin arriving in Hobart around the 27th (the big maxis) to New Year’s day (the smaller ones.) I admire the smaller ones taking on this race. I’m not interested in the multi-million dollars racing boats. It’s those that sail on the smaller boats across treacherous Bass Strait that seem to have the spirit of the race in them, in my humble, non boating opinion.  They are all scored on handicap. I might post up a few photos later in the week.

Beginning the walk into town.

Today I decided to take the bus into town and get a bit of Christmas Spirit.  I missed the first one so just started walking. I knew the next one would be along in another 35 minutes or so. It takes one hour, ten minutes to get into the city centre from my house.  Once the next bus was due I stopped at a bus shelter and sat down for a little rest. It was very hot today. 31 degrees C (88 F). An Indonesian woman, named Clara,  who has lived in South Hobart for many years was at the stop. I loved the flowers in her hair and the little Christmas hat she wore. We chatted for about 10 minutes and then both of us rode the bus into town. She certainly was enjoying the Christmas season. I ran into her again on the way back to the bus home. She was carrying two heavy grocery bags and I asked her if I could help, but she waved me away and said she was taking a taxi home. So we wished each other well again and went on our merry way.

On the bus with cheery Clara. Don’t you just adore the “Merry Christmas” hat?

While in town I sat at Bojangles cafe which is located in the Elizabeth Mall. (For you American friends, a mall here is an area outdoors- not like you have.) I had a toasted cheese sandwich and a large, cold milkshake and people watched for about 30 minutes. It was fun watching everyone walk past with large bags and parcels, funny t shirts and all kinds of hats.

I then went on my way, finished my errands and caught the bus home.  I am looking forward to peace and quiet now in the coming week.  I haven’t decided if I’ll do the Boxing Day sales. I think it might be a bit mad and I really don’t need a thing.  I think I just talked myself into staying home and playing with Odie and Molly.

There are some fun summer photography challenges happening with our club so I will have a closer look at the topics and see what I can get up to with my camera.  I need to practise using my camera on its tripod more often. Sharper photos but so often I just don’t bother. There is always something to work on in photography.

Hobart City Council Christmas banners were getting a bit windblown.
This holiday urchin was on the front of a large tea shop. 
One of the decorations in the mall. They are metal and go around the trees to keep the trunks from being damaged. You can see them in the photo below.
People watching in the Elizabeth Mall. There were lots of people, I just caught this photo while it slowed down a bit.
Enjoying my milkshake on this hot day.  

I am looking forward to seeing what books people get from Santa and I look forward to the year ahead reading, mostly what is on my shelf.  Stay tuned.

Merry Christmas to all my online friends and let’s hope 2019 is a really good year, personally, environmentally and politically. Snip20181218_10

Enjoy the photos.

Last but not least- the photo challenge for this week from Hobart Photographic Society fun challenge. The theme this week is:  LIQUID.

ODIE enjoying ‘liquid’ at the beach. I just love the expression on his face. He always concentrates so hard whenever he does anything.

18 thoughts on “An Icelandic Christmas in Tasmania?

  1. Lovely post Pam. What a wonderful idea the Icelandic Christmas is, and how lovely your Christmas sounds.

    As others have said, I love you photos too.

    I have one comment though regarding malls. We have shopping malls here (at least on the mainland) like you find in the USA, and the USA has at least one outdoor mall, the National Mall in Washington where you find many of the national cultural institutions. It seems to be a term that has multiple meanings here and there?


  2. That Icelandic Christmas sounds divine. We have a Christmas party to attend on Christmas day, so we’ll have to have an Icelandic Boxing Day. 🙂 Thanks for sharing Christmas in Penguinland!

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  3. I have never seen the metal tubes around trees before. Nothing like having decorations and usefulness at the same time….. Loved all your pictures….

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  4. wonderful story about Icelandic Christmases… i wish… if wishes were horses, beggars would ride, as my grandmother used to say… anyway, spectacular photos and a lovely place… Merry Christmas to Odie, Mr. P, you and yours…

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  5. Your photos are wonderful! I especially like the one of Odie……Merry Christmas from Yakima, Washington in the snow !


  6. OK, I want an Icelandic Christmas too – sounds just perfect, although as Mr. Kaggsy doesn’t read much these days he would have to be gifted a film to watch…) And those little hardback Penguins are just perfect, aren’t they? I have the Gogol (of course) and I love it. Merry Christmas to you and yours! 😀


  7. What a varied and interesting post. My husband, a sailor for over 30 years, doesn’t consider some of those huge, heavy on technology and design boats to be sailboats. He’s sailed his 36′ sailboat in the Marblehead, MA, to Halifax, Nova Scotia, race, hundreds of miles and across open ocean (I’m not a sailor, although I know how to sail). But I’m sure he’ll be watching some of the Sydney to Hobart race.
    Your friend’s little Christmas hat is so festive! I wish I had a bunch of them to make my family wear tomorrow! We always have Christmas crackers, but the hats would astound the neighbors when we go on our Christmas walk!
    It’s hard to wrap my head around the temperatures you have over Christmas and New Year’s! So, a very Merry Christmas to you and your family, including all four-legged family members (Odie looks so intent on his swimming!)!


  8. This is how Christmas should be, none of that high-stress conspicuous consumption that has become so common.
    From one online friend to another (though I hope to make it f2f one day!) have a wonderful Christmas and I hope the dogs enjoy it too:)


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