A Little Bit of Winter Fun

On these darker, colder, rainy days it is still important for me to get my walks in for some exercise.  I have been trying to motivate myself so I find things that are entertaining. Yesterday I went into town to do a couple of errands. Mr. Penguin dropped me in South Hobart and I walked the 20 minutes into town.  I took my camera and decided I would look for art work as I went along.

I did my errands and then of course ended up at Fuller’s Book Shop for a hot coffee and a warm apple turnover that was very nice. Their winter guide to books is available now so I sat down with that and ticked the books that looked good. I’ll see if the library has them as there are just too many to buy.  I have been reading my TBR from my shelf but I do like to support the library as I believe they are important to a community.  Even if I don’t get time to read everything I still like to check the books out.

I digress….. the walk turned up the following photos:

I always enjoy walking past this old advertisement. 
This mural is on the Artery Art Store wall. I love the Japanese theme.


The following art work is in frames on the back wall of the art store.









I passed these dog sculptures while walking back to the bus.  I have always enjoyed seeing them.

I got the bus home just before the skies opened up with rain. Snip20180527_1

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16 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Winter Fun”

  1. Loved the pics, and the name of that shop, Artery Art.

    But most, I loved “Even if I don’t get time to read everything I still like to check the books out.” You put me to shame!


  2. I’m glad you were bundled up in your beautiful purple scarf and hat! I love it when a community has public art, including that wonderful advertisement. Thank you for sharing your winter fun!

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  3. really like the art; the styles remind me of Daniel Mroz’s work: he was a Polish artist who did a lot of drawings for Stanislaw Lem’s novels and stories… and i’m bemused by the window in the middle of the music building: someone wanting the window exactly in that spot, regardless, and, secondly, how did they ever construct it? i imagine a person with gritted teeth standing before the wall on the inside and blindly swinging a sledgehammer as hard as they could, fearing no consequences!!


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