Saturday Squawk

As one crosses the foot bridge across the Brown River to the dog part of the beach. 

Saturday Squawk is a mish-mash of bits and pieces of the week.  Today after my 8:00 am Aqua Fit class I came home, had breakfast and then the dogs to the dog beach.  Since I always take photos of my own dogs there I decided I would take photos of something else.

Mr. Penguin and I are going to Botswana, Namibia and the Zimbabwe side of Victoria Falls for 25 days in March.  I wanted to practise taking photos of wildlife with my Canon I own. It has so many settings and I am using the manual settings more and more. I have been in the Hobart Photography Club for two years now.  I thought as we don’t have gazelles or hippos in the area I would practise on some active dogs at the beach.

Dog Beach

I came across an 18 month old Boxer named Rupert who is lovely and extremely energetic.  His kind owners let me use him as a model so I got to practise on the “Tasmania Veldt”.

This guy loved the water.

There were some other interesting things happening there as well so I am here today to share them with you.

A beautiful lurcher. I hardly ever see this breed here.

Enjoy the sunny summer weather of Tasmania.

She was trying to read her book but the dogs were a bit distracting.


Boxer 6
Beautiful Rupert the Boxer. Love the ears.


Boxer 10
Rupert is very stately here.

12 thoughts on “Saturday Squawk

  1. very nice photos; doggies love to have fun, yes they do… will you try to interview Ma Ramotswe while you’re in Botswana? (or Mr. Matekoni?) it’s hard to believe those are fictitious characters; they seem real to me… be safe over there…


  2. Your photos are terrific. I can’t wait to see the ones you take in Africa. I love waterfalls and you’re going to see one of the great ones (which I’ll never see in person because I don’t travel anymore).

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  3. The photos are lovely – there’s a great sense of movement in the first one, and I love the composition in the one of Rupert looking stately – it’s got really strong lines with his legs, and the wonderfully curved tail and the way the right ear is slightly raised.


  4. Hiya. Enjoy your Africa trip. I lived for 31 years in Zimbabwe, then called Rhodesia. The Vic Falls are spectacular. I visited them many times. Be sure to follow all health tips prior to travel i.e. malaria tablets etc. Very necessary. Enjoy.

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