Wandering on a Wednesday

What are YOU looking at?

This morning I have to take Molly to the doctor for her elbow. It pops out sometime. This is following another day when I book her into the hairdresser.  Grizzy has been the one that keeps me busy with the doctor but he seems to be doing okay now.  Grizzy is our black cat. He is only two years old.

No, Molly is not human.  She is our little silky terrier cross, madam of the house.  She is undergoing a series of anti inflammatory injections (once a week for a month, than once a month for—well, forever probably.) The hairdresser is really Woofer’s of Hobart and she will have a bath and a haircut. But she can’t get in until after mid February.  She will come home with a pink bow attached to her collar and she will think she is pretty special.

All I need is here.

She will put our Odie into the corner after the vet appointment this morning.  Everything is always Odie’s fault. She is 13 and after several years of being second in command she is now the Queen Bee, in charge of one other dog and three cats.  There are few signs of slowing down.  She is a terrible manager. She is a bully, a disrespectful, narcissistic tomboy at times who blames everyone else in the household for anything she doesn’t like.  She will turn up at the vet’s office, be sweet as pie. Butter wouldn’t melt……  “What a sweet dog you have” the nurses will coo. What an act. She can really turn it on.  But once home, she will run in the house, find Odie, who is at least 4 time her size and

Best Friends Even if Everything is Odie’s fault.

put him in the corner with lip raised. It is his fault she had to go to the vet’s. Everything in life is his fault.  Odie almost rolls his eyes and gets on with life. He knows how to ignore her. After a sideways glance at me, as though to say, “Do you believe her?”   Then she will jump into Mr. Penguin’s lap and give him kisses. She is a daddy’s girl. He lets her get away with murder. I make her behave. I tell her things she must do. She looks at me, walks over to him, and jumps in his lap….then looks at me. “What are you going to do about it?” she challenges.  What a laugh.

I started this post, ready to write a quick “what did I think about” the book Extinctions by Josephine Wilson. When I put my fingers to the keyboard, Molly popped into my head. By the way, we call her Monkey.  That is her nickname and she responds better to that than Molly.  For 13 years she has been our Monkey. I will write about Extinctions soon.  But the sun is shining, it looks to be a beautiful day. I have a meet up later in the morning for a coffee with a friend in the city.  It is too nice a day to write about a book about a grouchy old man and the regrets he has as he looks back on his life. He realised the truths of his life way too late. As much as I enjoyed this book, and I really did, today is too nice of a day to not pay attention to what is going on around me.  So this morning I am appreciating my little monkey and I am grateful she lives with us.

MollyOdie DruPt
Always so much to explore.

7 thoughts on “Wandering on a Wednesday

  1. Animals develop quite distinct characters don’t they? We don’t have any pets at the moment, but our elder daughter has three, cats and the younger has one, so I cat sit when they’re away. Each c at’s behaviour and approach to life is quite different, and it’s fascinating to watch the inter-reaction between my elder daughter’s feline trio, especially the oldest one, who only moves for food and finding the sunniest spots, and puts up with all sorts of cheek from the youngsters – but if they overstep the mark he only has to lift his paw to show who’s boss, and they scuttle away!


  2. What beautiful dogs! That’s so funny, that Monkey blames Odie for everything she doesn’t like. I was in a Children’s Theater company for one season, and everything was the fault of the Assistant Stage Manager. Bad weather, forgotten lines, small audience, lost keys — all his fault. lol


  3. I love when you share photos and stories about your pets. I’m of a mind with Sharon: we lost all seven of our pets in the space of nine years. That’s a lot of goodbyes and I’m not sure I’m ready for more. On the other hand, there are so many dogs and cats waiting to love and to be loved.


    1. I know what you mean. Our humane society has Adoption days at the local Petco every Saturday. It’s tempting to stop and look but I also know “just looking” can be fatal. That’s how we got our last dogs. 🙂


  4. I love your puppies! I had an Odie as well. He was half lab, half Blue Heeler. Both my dogs passed away this year; they had gotten very old and sick. I’m not sure I’m ready for more.

    I agree that as much as I love reviewing books, sometimes we have to stopp and enjoy what we see around us.


    1. Albert, our heinz 57 crosseyedbear, managed, when i brought home some donuts for the two guys remodeling the kitchen, to take advantage of me leaving them on a low shelf… two crullers and a maple bar and an apple fritter… he was in bad odor with everyone for quite a while and he looked sort of sick… the photos are great: yours look much more civilized than Albert…


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