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Jay of  bibliophilica blog is once again hosting the Deal Me In Challenge for 2018.  I got into this in the past too late to complete it so am starting afresh.

The short stories from four books I am choosing from are as follows below. I am dividing the selections between male and female authors as evenly as I can from these books.

The idea is each week you pick a card from a deck of cards and read the short story that matches the list below.



I found this old book of Australian Short Stories in the Red Cross Op Shop. First printed in 1951. I have chosen eight female and five male authors.

  1. (Ace) Molly Skinner: The Hand (From the Adelphi, London, 1924)
  2. Tom Collins: The Jeweller’s Shop (from Steel Rudd’s Magazine 1905
  3. Barbara Baynton: Scrammy ‘And (From Bush Studies, 1902)
  4. Henry Lawson: Send Round the Hat (From Send Round the Hat 1907)
  5. Steele Rudd: The Night We Watched for Wallabies from Kate’s Wedding (from Our       Selection 1899)
  6. Cecil Mann: The Pelican (From The River, and Other Stories
  7. Don Edwards: He Walks Home with his Wife (From High Hill at
    Midnight, 1944)
  8. Katharine Susannah Prichard: The Grey Horse (From Kiss on the
    Lips, and Other Stories, 1932)
  9. Marjorie Barnard: Dry Spell (From the Persimmon Tree, 1942)
  10. Dorothy Sanders: Seed Among Thorns (From the Sydney Morning Herald) No date but probably 1st half 1900s.
  11. (Jack)  Margaret Trist: Twenty Strong (From What Else is There? 1946)
  12. (Queen) Ernestine Hill: End of an Idol (From the A.B.C. Weekly) early 1900’s
  13. (King)  Henry Handel Richardson: And Women Must Weep from End of a Childhood 1934)

The hearts will choose stories from That Glimpse of Truth: 100 of the Finest Short Stories Ever Written published 2014


  1. (Ace)    Aesop:  The Hare and the Tortoise
  2. Miguel de Cervantes:  The Deceitful Marriage
  3. Hans Christian Anderson:  The Red Shoes
  4. Charles Dickens:  The Signal-Man
  5. Joseph Conrad: The Lagoon
  6. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle:  A Scandal in Bohemia
  7. Henry Lawson: The Loaded Dog
  8. Virginia Woolf:  Solid Objects
  9. Katherine Mansfield: A Married Man’s Story
  10. Elizabeth Bowen:  Sunday Afternoon
  11. (Jack)  Eudora Welty:  Petrified Man
  12. (Queen)  Elizabeth Taylor: The Blush
  13. (King)   Penelope Fitzgerald: The Red-Haired Girl

The clubs stories will be chosen from the book England and Other Stories by Graham Swift. I picked up this 2014 published book not long ago. I have travelled pretty much throughout the UK and may be going back to do yet one more road trip.  I find English stories to be quite calming and cozy so will look forward to what may pop up here. It appears to be a book about the various characters with their varied personalities who make up this great country. It looks like a lot of fun.

Clubs Snip20171231_3

  1. (Ace) Going Up in the World
  2. Sha Ding:  The Magnet
  3. Wonders Will Never Cease
  4. People Are Life
  5. Haematology
  6. Remember This
  7. The Best Days
  8. Half a Loaf
  9. Saving Grace
  10. Tragedy, Tragedy
  11. (Jack) As Much Love as Possible
  12. (Queen) Yorkshire
  13. (King) Holly and Polly

The final book of short stories are Buddhist themed. I’ve had a strong interest for quite a long time and this is another sad little TBR languishing on my shelves.

Stories From Beyond the Clouds: An Anthology of Tibetan Folk Tales by Clifford Thurlow


  1. (Ace) Footprints in the Snow
  2. The Rainmaker
  3. Brother Long Spring Day
  4. Siruk Khabuk
  5. The Statue and the Jewel
  6. Paper Flowers
  7. The Three Sisters
  8. A Little Fish Laughed
  9. The Corpse
  10. The King and the Thief
  11. (Jack) The Dream
  12. (Queen) Free Choice from another Buddhist Book I have- Stories of the Spirit, Stories of the Heart
  13. (King) Free Choice from another Buddhist Book I have- Stories of the Spirit, Stories of the Heart

I am really looking forward to reading this diverse collection of stories. I hope you enjoy hearing about them.

Happy 2018 Everyone !!!


12 thoughts on “Deal Me In Challenge 2018

  1. I’m pretty sure you will be the first Deal Me In participant who reads Tibetan Folk Tales as part of the challenge. 🙂 My first card drawn was for a story written by a Chinese author though, so you have some company there. 🙂

    P.S. Do you mind if I re-use your Deal Me In 2018 picture with the cards in some of posts?

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  2. a long list; i’m a bit intimidated by it, i think… but i admire your resolution… i, too, have been quite interested in zen; i approached it through writing haiku; one of mine won a prize thrown by a Japanese monastery… they sent me a little handwoven zen bag and a sort of document with the emperor’s chop on it… i learned a great deal about my own mind and the nature of reality through my studies; it was a time i’ll never forget; or what i learned, either…


    1. That sounds wonderful. Haiku or any form of poetry that has rules is appealing to me. Have you ever written a Sestina? That is loads of fun. I love to hear about people’s experiences on these comments.


  3. I love the idea of this challenge and have many short stories to choose from – but I think I’ll give it a miss and just enjoy watching you take part. BTW If you don’t pull the Nine of Hearts, I reckon you should fit that story in somewhere anyhow. I love the whole Pesimmon Tree book – it’s one of the few non-Austen books I’ve read twice.

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    1. My eyes are bigger than my stomach (so to speak) when Jan 1 comes around. I get so caught up in the energy of new things to do I dive in. We’ll see how long I can do this. So far so good but then it is only 6 January, haha

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