The Penguin and I hit the Road Again…

20160914_133958 copyI am in the middle of a big winter shake up. WINTER= Beautiful sunny days. But by the end of it I am fed up with the short days with dark coming too early. I am tired of the cold. I am tired of the damp. I think many people who live in the southern regions of Australia feel this way in winter and head for warmer climates if only for a couple of weeks.

We are leaving this afternoon for 8 days or so to Koh Samuii in Thailand. We are going to lie on a chaise lounge between the beach and the swimming pool. Picture me at the bottom of the pool, long snorkel and a drink in hand. I might sit there for 2 or 3 days. The hot sun beats down.

Then we are going to Singapore to  be around people for a week and celebrate our 46th wedding anniversary.

There have been family issues back home,(Michigan)  including my very old mother who is probably in her final year. It all makes me sad and winter is not a good time to be sad.  When I seek refuge in a book I am reminded I am reading War and Peace.

I have finished five parts out of ten. I have enjoyed it for the most part but it dawned on me the other evening I do not care about these people.  I enjoyed the strategy and conversations during the war scenes. Those were the scenes I thought I would dislike the most. They weren’t. It is the domestic part I get so impatient with. The society rules, the silly women who are presented again and again. The men who prance around. They are either silly or weak. I am tired of them. I want to get back into the books with strong women, modern women. Yes, women with smart phones and important jobs.  I can’t take anymore of it. I am, yes, quitting.

I have SO MANY tbr books on my shelves that look like adventure. They look like fun. They have beautiful covers. I don’t care if the stories are new or old, they are books that I want to spend time with.  When one is older, one is conscious of how little time may be left in the scheme of things. Even 20 years is not a great deal of time considering how fast the years go by.

I always wanted to read War and Peace. I wanted to be able to say, “Oh yes, I read that.” Am I comfortable not being able to say it? Yes, Absolutely. I get the gist. I will, however continue to follow the others who are reading and writing about it.   I have partial interest in hearing what might happen. I might pick it up again but when winter depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder has left me. When family issues overseas don’t occupy so many of my thoughts. When politics are better?  Ha!!

I am going to take a couple of copies of ‘real’ books with me. For the poolside. Something interesting or fun. I have many books on my Kindle and I can access the eBooks from the library.  I am going to work on my photography. I am going to take walks along thSnip20170808_1e beach. The camera is packed. The Penguin is ready. Mr. P. has his things ready.  The housesitter comes tonight. The cats are at camp (cattery).  As one person, name unknown, once said.  “Elvis has left the building.”   Out of the way. “We are leaving the building.”

Stay tuned.


11 thoughts on “The Penguin and I hit the Road Again…

  1. Hope you are having a great time – well, I’ve seen you are from Instagram! Funnily, we went to Singapore and Koh Samui in that order, in mid 2014, for my sister-in-law’s 40th anniversary. It was great fun. We went to the USA this July, and next July we have already booked on an Arnhemland tour. Ev very July from now on, we plan to get away. It’s just too much to have all winter here, when we don’t have to.


  2. Thailand sounds great! hope you have a wonderful time, soaking up those rays… i find as well, my patience with “classics” has declined in my older years; so little time, so many books, as they say… i quite frequently quit books i’m not very excited about… and do more of it now that i’m 74… so many books, even classics, repeat ideas or philosophies i already know about or have read previously, and it gets tiresome… i find myself spending more time in research than i used to, but even so, good books are hard to find… but then i appreciate the ones i do like even more…
    anyway, here’s wishing you happy book hunting…. there are lots of discoveries to made out there, i’m sure…


  3. I used to read books to the end, even if I didn’t like them, but now, like you, I’ve decided life is too short to stick with a book I don’t enjoy. Enjoy your holiday – we could do with some sunshine here!

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  4. I think you’ve made a great decision. Life is too short, but no matter how often we say that, we seldom act on it. We just go on. Have a wonderful time on the beach away from people, as well as with your friends. And happy 46th!

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