Winter Weekend

Dog Beach  Sunny and 8 degrees C (46.9 F)

Where else can a person with two happy dogs go to the beach in winter?  We just had a couple of sunny days and I decided to take the dogs to the beach. They have been pretty goofy and needed a good run.  So off we went. They love a day at the beach with a side trip to Mc Donalds to share a few fries afterwards. They only get three each.

What else happened over the weekend? Well, I am almost finished with part II of War and Peace. It will be a long haul but I am enjoying it. The narrator of the book is very good speaking several voices in various tones. It must be a job to read this book out loud perfectly.  He does an excellent job and I keep up okay with the kindle version.

I haven’t started reading anything else yet but will do. I can’t just have a life of W and P.

We did get to see the film Kedi about the street cats in Istanbul.  It is a lovely film. The photography was excellent and much of Istanbul was shown from various angles. The personalities of the cats was caught on film and we enjoyed getting to meet them.

The week before us will see the play The God of Carnage on Wednesday. I have no idea what it is about.

I am in this shop so much that the owner calls out to me, “See you tomorrow” when I leave. I can’t wait for the 100th year anniversary in three years.

On Thursday Robert Dessaix is being interviewed at Fuller’s Book Shop. I will be attending this.


Evidently all of his books are being reissued.  The interview later in the week will see him discussing why he wrote them and other information about them.  I have read several of his books and enjoyed them all. I also ran into him once in the grocery store with his partner Peter Timms and helped them pick out some yoghurt. My claim to fame.

Monica McInerney was at Fullers the other day and the book shop decorated their window with her new book. I was going to see her but then I heard her interviewed on ABC Radio National for an hour so I decided not to go. The authors tend to repeat themselves as they do their book blurbs around the country. I have only read one of her books and I did enjoy it. I would like to read more of her.


Fuller’s Book Shop just won a national award for Best Independent bookshop of Australia beating out contenders in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. Such an honour for them and their manager Catherine Schultz took out the best book seller award nationally. They were stoked as they should be. A trip to Hobart is not complete for the wild and wooly bookish people out there without a visit to Fuller’s. They have a lovely cafe too.

She truly is the best book seller of the year. Well done Catherine.

I guess that wraps up the weekend for another week. I’ll be back before long. In the meantime enjoy the Kingston Dog Winter Beach photos. (There aren’t many.)

46 degrees F today  :  8 degrees C
We don’t need to worry about snakes in the winter.


They love this place . (excuse the blur, they don’t hold still for long)
Winter haircut brings on winter clothes.


coffee shop penguin
Stay Warm



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  1. I will gladly trade one of your winter weekends for one of my sizzling summer weekends. I cannot bear heat above 80F and we’ve had days of 90+ weather. What sweet, happy little dogs you have!


  2. you must have the cleanest air on the planet… lovely photos of the doggies in the sand; and very handsome sweaters they have on, too… bookstores are the hallmark of civilization, imo… it’s great you have such an excellent one in Hobart…


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