Salinas, California-John Steinbeck Country

20170603_112506When I was overseas visiting family I finally got to Salinas to the John Steinbeck Centre. It isn’t as large as the Jack London Ranch north of San Francisco but it was every bit as interesting. I thought I would share some of the photos.

The museum is set up with little nooks and crannies one can walk through. Each area represents one of his major books. There is information to read about the publishing of the book, a screen with the film version screening with benches to sit and watch parts of them. Photos, quotations and trivia.

House Steinbeck grew up in.

I enjoyed passing through The Grapes of Wrath section, East of Eden and Travels with Charlie. Travels with Charlie and the Grapes of Wrath are my favourite books by Steinbeck. I remember I went on a Steinbeck kick in the early 70’s and read five or six of his books in quick succession. It is time to revisit those books again I think. The museum certainly inspired us to do so.

The gift shop was full of Steinbeck memorabilia but the only thing I bought was the T shirt with a list of all of his books on the back.  Enjoy the photos.



The route he took in his book Travels with Charlie. Charlie was his standard poodle.


This is the pick up truck and camper he lived in during Travels with Charlie. Can you spot the silly Penguin?  He thought we were going to take off in this. (Just a dream)


A picture of Steinbeck with Charlie



We had to eat lunch at the diner next door as there was a sign in the window that said this is where Steinbeck hung out.  I can see him sitting here having a smoke and a coffee. 

What Steinbeck books have you read?  What is your favourite Steinbeck book?

If you get anywhere near Salinas this is a happy way to spend an hour or so.

11 thoughts on “Salinas, California-John Steinbeck Country

  1. I also loved Travels with Charley, but Grapes of Wrath holds a special place in my heart. My father was 10 when his family left Oklahoma for California in a truck with all their belongings. Just like in the story of the Joads, they left during the Dust Bowl after share cropping was no longer viable and picked fruit up and down California. My grandparents lived in the little house they built in Lindsay and picked fruit until they died in the 70s. Thanks, Pam, for posting.

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  2. wonderful writer: i read a number of his works early on; they inspired more than one trip to Monterey(Cannery Row) and taught me things about living I didn’t learn from any other source… “Travels with Charley” was the last one i read and i liked it the most: a truly engaging narration from a wise older person… tx for featuring him… the pictures are outstanding. i just remembered that my favorite pickup from that era was a “65” Chev., a couple of years older than Steinbeck’s, but just as reliable… i wish i could find another one… well, i could, but it would set me back more dinero than i’ve got…


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