The Penguin is in Tokyo

Three Days of Tokyo

Enjoying the cherry blossoms.

As I write we are on the bus leaving Tokyo on the way to a shrine (can’t pronounce the name) that has a very large Buddha in it. It is south of Tokyo according to the guide, Sue.

For you Australians we are on a Bunnick’s tour out of Adelaide. No more than 20 people. We have all been having an excellent time and everyone is friends. The Penguin has been welcomed to the group with one member patting him on the head every time she sees him. Others ask if he had a good sleep and someone else told me I should confine him as we tour the fish market so he doesn’t act up.

So far he has learned to make Sushi, enjoyed several lunches, listened to and watched enormous Sumo wrestlers doing demonstrations and answering our questions. We have had so many laughs.

I went up against the wrestler in the white loin cloth.

We saw a Sumo wrestler’s demonstration yesterday as we ate lunch in the upstairs of a restaurant. Those guys are big! After their demonstration they asked for volunteers. Three men volunteered. They had to wear the funny Sumo wrestler costume.  It was very funny. However the women needed representation and I climbed into the suit. The big wrestler had me imitate the Sumo moves. We then faced off. We went straight for each other.  The goal is to push them out of the circle. I pushed hard into his chest. He had so much fat and muscle and sweat it was like pushing into a hard, wet sponge. He backed up. I had him going. I then poked one finger into his chest and out of the circle he went. He admitted defeat.

The suit the volunteers wore. This is another traveller in our group. It was extremely funny.

There was another Sumo in the room too. The next thing I knew each one had taken my arm and lifted me right up into the air as though I was a feather. There is a photo but I do not have it yet as another traveller in our group took it.

There is hardly time to breathe before we are whisked away to another destination. The cherry trees are in blossom and once I get those photos sorted we will share them with you.

This is one of those experiences that you want to sleep because of exhaustion but don’t want to miss anything. We hit the ground running. The day before yesterday we walked 12,000 steps, ate three enormous meals of Japanese food and hit the bed so hard at night we have slept on an ice flow with no sleeping bag.

Penguin LOVES sushi.

We are currently on our way on the expressway to another interesting night in a Japanese hotel. We will sleep on the floor for two nights, (I assume on futon type beds) and dress in kimonos when we meet for dinner. We have been ordered to relax near the hot springs.

I doubt the penguin will enjoy the hot springs but you just never know.

The Penguin at a Buddhist Shrine

Absolutely no time for reading. Last night we went to the night district of Tokyo to see the lights and it was pretty amazing.

I will leave you with a few photos.







7 thoughts on “The Penguin is in Tokyo

  1. Good for you for going into the Sumo ring too. I love love love Japan. We are trying to work out our next visit. So, I look forward to reading more of your exploits.

    BTW I love futon floor sleeping.


    1. The futon sleeping has been great fun. Our guide has us going from 8 am to about 8 pm. We are so tired there is hardly time to post a few pics and answer a few emails and comments on my blog. No time for drawing. I think it is going to have to wait more until I get home. I have been trying to draw the penguin though. What a laugh.


  2. what a wealth of experiences! i’m so impressed that you had the gumption to go into the ring! bravo! and Penguin seems to fit right in; maybe he has some Japanese ancestors… lovely pictures, too; tx so much for sharing and be careful out there!


    1. The sumo wrestlers had such a good sense of humour. The penguin might be related to the Japanese but I think he’s more from Antarctica. Thanks for stopping by and seeing this hilarious trip we seem to be doing.


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