Tuesday Trivia: Literature as Constellations

For those of you who subscribe to Lit Hub snip20161225_16weekly you may have seen this. There are several articles, most this week about writers or literature linked with Trump. I skip over these. I get enough news on him. One minute’s news about him is too much for me so as I read down the page I came across a more upliftin heading that read:

“Nick Rougeux has diagrammed the iconic opening lines of famous books to create Literary Constellations. | WIRED”

My first thought was, “What is this?”  When I opened the article to read it my second snip20170129_2thought was, “This guy has too much time on his hands.”  But it was fun so I thought I would share it. You can visit the page here.

Other trivia happening?  Well Australia just celebrated Australia Day this week. Many people refer to it as Invasion Day as it was the day that white man arrived in Australia and destroyed the lives of the Aboriginal People. Each year a large group of people lobby the government to change the date so it is a more pleasant day for all Australians not just white Australia.  I don’t see that changing the date would be any great sacrifice but you know how politicians can be. Everything is such a drama to them.

The past week has been pleasant enough here. We are enjoying summer weather . A good time to be outside with my dogs playing frisbee and fetching stones. img_0955Odie loves his frisbee and Molly, 6 kg terrier that she is has had a goal to bury or play with each stone in our yard during the past 12 years. We put stones down in the back to counteract the mud. That worked but now we have a stone obsessed little madam. She makes me laugh. Mr P is the softie in the house when it comes to the dogs. When Molly is called inside by me she runs in, dropping the stone outdoors. She knows they are not allowed in the house. When Mr. P calls her in she runs in, stone in mouth and drops it on the couch and looks at me as if to say, “What are you going to do about it?”

snip20170129_3I am currently reading To The River by Olivia Laing. A story of one  English woman’s walk along the River Ouse (the river that Virginia Woolf died in) in the UK. She discusses the countryside, the pubs she stays in and people she meets. There is also a bit about Virginia Woolf’s life and books. I know one of the bloggers reviewed it but I read so many blogs I forget who it was. So if you read this, thank you, as I am enjoying the gentleness of this book. More later.

So until the next time, enjoy the trivia in your own life. I hope it makes you laugh.


10 thoughts on “Tuesday Trivia: Literature as Constellations

  1. doggies are smarter than most realize; we learn something from ours every day… “To the River” sounds like just my cup of tea… i love walking tales, especially relaxed ones (as opposed to the mountain climbing type, although sometimes i like those also…). i’m curious about the stones: how deep did they sink before the mud went away? is it on the bank of a creek? or swamp? this is my geology persona making an appearance… now to go click on the constellation thingie – books in the stars!


    1. The book is pleasant and there is quite a bit of history of various people whose names crop up. I’ll do a full review on the book with more info in another week most likely. I need to finish it first. I always like seafaring adventures yet I don’t like being on boats. I can’t figure that one out. Ships in storms and on deserted islands but I actually get seasick looking at a boat. The yard just gets quite muddy where the animals run around because we get quite a bit of rain here. We brought in lots of stones, about the size of ping pong balls only different shapes. It keeps the mud at bay the the little girl that lives here loves to bury them, hide them and carry them around. The constellation ‘thingie’ is quite interesting. It always amazes me what people think up to do. Oh well, keeps my mind off Trump. haha


    2. i clicked on the “here” button and began to read when a big fat white spam thing appeared, blocking off the script and picture, demanding money… sooo…. i’ve been meaning to ask if you’ve ever tried W.H. Hudson: born and raised in Argentina, he became a naturalist and wound up in England as a writer of nature books, birds, trees, walks, etc. he’s one of my favorite authors… highly recommended…


      1. Sorry about the Spam. Must be linked to Link Hub somehow. I just clicked on it and it was okay. Who knows? No I have not heard of Hudson but sounds like someone I would like. I will see if our library has him. If not will look him up online. I do like good nature writing. Thank you for the recommendation.


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