A Quick Catch Up


from 11 yr old Maya in Russia

This year seems to already be running along as quickly as 2016 did and I have decided I need to slow it down. In the vein of Forest Gump life seems to not only be like a box of cherries but quite like an amusement park. Some rides go faster than others.

I am reading an assortment of things. I am well into the Margery Sharp book which I am enjoying. I will post my review up for the Margery Sharp day towards the end of January. I need to check the date.

I finished off The Good People by Hannah Kent and that review will go up in February. Not before my book club meets. Funny how secretive we all like to be about what we think about our club book.  I am getting caught up on my book club reads so I can now enjoy the many books I own that I have pulled out of the closet and from under the bed and put onto the shelves. I am really enjoying seeing them all. out the book club books.

p1080762I am now listening to Songs of a War Boy by Deng Thiak Adut every time I get into my car. I am enjoying this non fiction piece of work very much but how this guy ever survived I really don’t know. This is for our March book club so sorry guys, that post won’t be up until later.

I have been having great fun with postcrossing.com with the postcards. I signed up for the first five addresses we are given with the registration number on them. Once the recipient gets it they register the number and then another address is released to me. The cards from other people are starting to come in and I really enjoy seeing what they send.

So far I have heard from a woman in Illinois who has returned from a Florida holiday and sent me a card. I have received a card from a Dutch woman who is currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland working as a tour guide. I got a Penguin Scootering card from a 45 yr old German woman. Today I got a wonderful card from 11 yr old Maya in Russia who loves to travel. She has visited 10 countries so far and she sent me a photo of her city taken at night. This has just been so much fun and the only cost is the postage stamp I put on the cards I send.p1080768

When I requested another address today when I registered Maya’s card I got the address of a Finnish retired speech pathologist. As I am a retired speech pathologist I look forward to sending her a card.

My dog Odie had a bit of gastro this past week and he was on anti -inflammatories and antibiotics. He felt sorry for himself but bounced back to chase his frisbee in a couple of days after the medication kicked in. I have told him to leave the possum business alone in the yard but of course being a half beagle dog that doesn’t really stay still in his brain.

p1080763On a final note I also got a charming card from Mudpuddle in Oregon. Some of you will know him as he comments on several blogs I follow and always comments on mine. Thank you ‘Mud’.

I’ll be back again soon with some bookish news. You know how it is when you are in the middle of three or four books and none of them are quite finished. They are moving though. Hope your week goes well. Tell me what you have been up to this week.

Muddle’s card of Clatskanie River, Oregon

5 thoughts on “A Quick Catch Up

  1. Testing your new setting! And catching up on old posts from Xmas busy times. I liked your comment “I finished off The Good People by Hannah Kent and that review will go up in February. Not before my book club meets. Funny how secretive we all like to be about what we think about our club book.” I never post my reviews before reading group either, but then I try to time reading books so that I finish them a day or so before the meeting so there’s not usually time to get a post up. (Of course, often my timing runs awry and I finish the book an hour before the meeting! Not idea because there’s not time to get my thoughts together – but I always finish it.)


  2. lots of snow here – more than we’ve had for several winters; it’s pretty but keeps us inside looking out when we’d rather be the reverse… i’ve been enjoying the Alex Benedict series by Jack McDevitt lately; they’re sci fi mystery thrillers and quite addictive… good writing; he’s got that knack some authors have of gluing the reader’s eyes to the page… otherwise a quiet start to ’17…


    1. The Grapes of Wrath by Steinbeck is my GAN. But of course I grew up in 1950’s midwest amongst small towns and cornfields and all our parents ever talked about was the great depression.


  3. I look forward to seeing what you think of Hannah Kent’s new novel and am chuckling about your book club being secretive until the meeting. Seems like my group even discusses books as we go along… sharing initial impressions in the grocery store, etc. Hope I can read something my Margery Sharp this month. The Nutmeg Tree is on my kindle, but I’ve been reading 2016 releases so far this year.


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