Where does the time go?

snip20161209_1I can’t believe we are so close to Christmas. This year has passed incredibly quickly. However I am ready for 2017. I always enjoy a new year. It is like a clean slate

Our play reading group and writing group have now finished up until Feb/Mar next year. Our book group won’t meet again until the end of January. The Christmas lunches and boxes of chocolates and card distribution have happened. Most of my Christmas shopping is finished. I am working towards that clean slate. All of us will breathe a sigh of relief once Boxing Day is upon us.

Our discussion for the January book group meeting will be Jerome K. Jerome’s Three Men in a Book which I have already mentioned. We will also talk about the book Victoria but I am not sure I will spend time reading it. I am so uninterested in the topic of yet another book about Queen Victoria I will probably pass. We will be talking about the book The Giving Tree to by Shel Silverstein. A child’s book with adult overtones.  I have it from the library and will read it in the next couple of days as it is due back soon.


I put together a scavenger hunt together for the book group to participate in next year.

We can count the books read for the group plus anything else we read. It will be interesting to see how we go.

The person in the  group with the most hits on it by 31 Dec 2017will win a $25.00 gift voucher to my favourite book shop, Fuller’s in Hobart.I will talk about the upcoming books in due time but I would invite any people “out there” reading the scavenger hunt details to join in. It might prove interesting for your own challenge. Feel free to share it if you like but give the Travellin’ Penguin a bit of credit if you will.

I will update my progress as we go through the year.There are three simple rules. Readers must not begin until 1 January. They must finish by 31 January (2017). They can only record a book read in one category. Easy. You can read the list below. Feel free to copy it.

screen-shot-2013-08-04-at-15-49-21Good Luck.

Scavenger Hunt For Books 2017

List of Books Name of Book Read/Author Did you like it?
Find an author’s name or title with the letter M in it.
A classic (anything before 1950)
Picture of a knife on the cover.
Something on your bookshelf that is not a book.
Protagonist is  a woman.
An animal features strongly as a main character.
A book that has been translated into English.
Children’s book
Flick through all the chapters and addendums of a reference book
Book written in the form of diary or letters.
Library book with title beginning either with your first or last name initial. Can be a e-book checked out from library.
Hardcover book that does not have a dustjacket.
Book that takes place in a capital city of a foreign country.
Australian book written before 1960.
A book written in the year you were born.
Non fiction book.
Misery Lit book (hardship of some type overcome)
Booker Prize winner
Pulitzer Prize Winner
Book that takes place in Western Australia
Book that takes place in a specific American State
A book that takes place in England
Picture of a village on cover
Picture of a bicycle on the cover
Picture of a camera on the cover.
Book you bought from a book store
Book you got from a charity shop
Book you got from a second hand shop
Book with no picture on the cover.
Book written in the 1920’s
Book with a picture of a forest on the cover.
Book that has been in your house unread for at least 5 years.
Book you bought in 2016 you have no read yet.
A 2017 published book.
A mystery or crime book.
A Fantasy book
A Science Fiction Book
A book that has won some kind of award or prize
Miles Franklin award winner
Another non fiction book.
A book where you learned something you didn’t know a thing about. What was it?
A biography.
An auto biography
A book of fairy tales or fables
A book of Poetry
A book with a map on the cover (not an atlas)
Three articles within one magazine. What magazine was it?
Travel writing
Adventure story in a book.





















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