Two books and a puppy!

πŸ‘€ A Real Book

Leaving the best until last.

I have begun an interesting biography called Notes From A Young Black Chef by Kwame Onwuachi. Alfred Knopf publisher. 2019.

I am reading this because I have become much more enthusiastic cooking not having to cook in a kitchen out of the dark ages. I have also been watching cooking shows on tv. Repeat series of the Great British Bake off and travels with Rick Stein. Not to mention a copy of Two Fat Ladies vintage cookbook I found in the tip shop. I loved them. I will probably settle down before long but for now I am enjoying many food related tasks.

Kwame Onwuachi is the executive chef at Kith and Kin and owner of the Philly Wing Fry franchise in Washington D.C. He was born on Long Island and raised in NY City, Nigeria and Louisiana. He was first exposed to cooking by his mother, in the family’s modest Bronx apartment and he took that spark of passion and turned it into a career. From toiling in the bowels of oil cleanup ships to working at some of the best restaurants in the world, he has seen and lived his fair share of diversity. This is his story.

He trained at the Culinary Institute of America and has opened five restaurants before turning 30. He has a twitter account: @ChefKwame and an Instagram account: @bastedmind

The author of this book is Joshua David Stein who is a Brooklyn based author and journalist. He was a restaurant critic for the New York Observer and has been a food columnist for The Village Voice. This book is also available on audio. (inside back flap)

πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ Audio

The book I’m listening to currently on audio is Twyla Tharp- The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life. Simon and Schuster; Illustrated edition 2008.

I have chosen this book because after a break from my photography because of the distractions of ill health (all better now), Christmas and all the events in the United States (also all better now) I needed to get my mojo back. Our photography club is meeting again face to face as we are currently Covid free in our state and several excursions in interesting places coming up. This book talks about the way to develop more creativity in all the arts and encourages the reader to establish the routines to be productive in ones chosen field. The author gives several examples of well known dancers, artists and writers in their routines and how productive they become as a result of them. I know…. common sense….but it is nice to have a coach when working alone with any endeavour. It will also encourage me to be more consistent with my journaling and attemps at drawing.

She is one of the world’s leading creative artists, choreographers and creator of the Broadway show, Movin’ Out. She is a well known American dancer, choreographer and author who lives and works in NY city.n In 1966 she formed the company Twyla Tharp Dance. Her work often uses classical music, jazz and contemporary pop music. From 1971 to 1988 she toured extensively around the world performing original works.

The focus of her work and book is going through the painful first steps of scratching for ideas, finding the spine of your work and getting out of ruts and into productive grooves. The wide open realm of possibilities can be energizing and she explains how to take a deep breath and begin. (paraphrasing from Amazon and Wikipedia)

I have always enjoyed book that are related to New York City so to have two on the go at once is great fun.

πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ Personal Journal– Now for the good news. (I think.)

Dolly. Born 27 November, 2020 Pug/Maltese/Toy Poodle……I know.

Meet Ollie’s new little sister…. Dolly. Since we lost our beloved little Molly, Ollie has been at loose ends. He walks around eating stuff that makes him sick, sleeps too much and generally is not himself. He has not been well and has just had xrays and an ultrasound that is backing up his illness that is still being investigated.

We brought Dolly home yesterday. Yesterday was her 8 weeks old birthday. She is a mixture of (get this) pug, maltese and toy poodle. As we get to know her we can see a lot of pug in her (without the flat nose that causes respiratory problems in some breeds). She has a little toy poodle/maltese face with the squatty body and curled up tail of a pug. She is a little feminist, not letting Ollie boss her around as he has tried to do. When that didn’t work, he has now taken all his tennis balls in the front yard and hidden them in the bushes and in the house he has hidden his favourite toys next to bookshelves and behind furniture. It has been very funny to watch. He has that “only child” syndrome. Like a couple of toddlers. We are seeing a new side to him.

Ollie Meets Dolly for the first time.

As we are probably not travelling anywhere for any length of time this year we have lots of time to train her during her first year and to give Ollie a job which he needs. I think most dogs need a job to keep them focused and stop them eating all manner of things they find in the yard. The laughs just keep on coming watching the interaction of these two. As for our indoor cats, they have just rolled their eyes, looked at each other, sighed….’Another puppy!’ and moved on to their daily routines.

What a week it has been. This coming week has the builder coming back and painting our laundry room and before too long installing the kitchen floor to finish off the new kitchen.

I have a couple of friends dropping by to visit Ollie and Dolly and sharing a cup of tea or coffee. Ollie has a vet appointment to continue his diagnosis and treatment and I will take Dolly along to get her checked out as I always do with a new dog. I imagine she will be the last puppy we get in our lifetime as we are not getting any younger and we will go into “older age” together.

They better not forget about me !

As they say in an Olympic year- “Let the games begin!’

30 thoughts on “Two books and a puppy!

  1. How cute these dogs are. They must be such a joy. I am sure they will be best of friends very soon.
    Cooking is nice, especially these days when we all have time on our hands. A new kitchen must definitely be a good inspiration. I love to read cookbooks. My favourites are Nigella Express and almost all of Jamie Oliver’s books. Easy recipes and they always work.
    It is good to be inspired by creative people. I have read a couple of these books as well. I am not sure it has given me a habit, but at least I have started to think of what I can use different things for.
    Enjoy your new company and your new kitchen.

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  2. Dolly looks adorable, so good that Ollie hasnt become distressed by her presence and thinking you no longer love him πŸ™‚
    Two Fat Ladies – now that brings back memories. We used to love watching racing around on their motorbikes. I bet they wouldn’t be so popular now (they were definitely non PC in their comments)

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    1. Ollie is coping pretty well with Dolly. The two fat ladies cooked food that would make a heart stop. But such characters. Jennifer with her drink and ciggie. I laugh thinking about her. 🐧πŸ₯“πŸ₯©πŸ—


    1. Thank you Karen. Ollie is having fun with Dolly. They play chaseys and she can hold her own against him. They are just so funny. I will need to find a serious book to read to balance out the laughs. 🐧😁

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  3. Dolly is adorable! That’s so funny, about Ollie hiding his toys from her. πŸ˜€ One of our cats hides the best toys from the other one — even if they’re his particular toys. She put one in a box!

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  4. Dolly is gorgeous. I am feeling pretty devastated because I don’t think we’ll be having another dog again, and I love them so. However, in recent years, it’s come to be that every dog I touch sets off such itching on my hands (I suffer from chronic eczema) that I can’t ignore it anymore. It would happen on and off with our last dog, a poodle, but now every dog I touch it happens. We dog sat a greyhound last March, and that was fine as long as I wore a glove when I touched her! She is so sweet, and belongs to my yoga teacher across the road so I see her often but I can’t touch her. I’m pretty heart-broken about this, but the agony of the itch, not to mention the longer term ramifications of hand eczema, is just more than I can cope with. I can’t believe it. So, I just have to enjoy stories about other people and their dogs.

    As for the book talk, that was interesting too!

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    1. That is sad about the reaction to dogs. I have eczema on my hands also but fortunately the animals don’t exacerbate it. I hope you can figure out how to have friend’s dogs in your life without the ramifications. Personal protection clothing? We can make you an honorary godmother of our two.


      1. Hand eczema is a bummer isn’t it. Dogs didn’t bother me once – we’ve had a few dogs, but it’s clearly changed. I just have to wear gloves or look.

        Happy to be an honorary godmother to Ollie and Dolly!

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  5. It took a great deal of self-discipline not to scroll down to find out about the new puppy! But no, I read about the other events first… The Spouse is cooking with inspiration from Rick Stein too.
    Dolly is totally gorgeous, I wish you many happy days with her:)

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    1. Thank you Lisa. I was going to put her photo up on IG but resisted until I wrote about her first. Fun days ahead.


  6. Dolly is a cutie-pie, no wonder Ollie is jealous! we’ve watched the British Bake-Off also and enjoyed it… unfortunately we lost Albert the dog yesterday; he was quite old and began having trouble walking and then just laid down on his bed and peacefully passed away… they sure leave a gap when they go like that… good for you on getting another little one…

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    1. I am so sorry to hear about Albert. It is so heart wrenching but I always think about how they never have bad days. The life of a dog in a loving home is a wonderful thing.


  7. Dolly looks adorable, and two dogs is always better than one. Hoping Ollie starts to feel better now he has a distraction and play mate.

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    1. Ollie is having the time of his life. Though his health isn’t yet 100% he has become happy and is getting used to how much fun the chasey games are.


  8. I loved the review of the book about the black chef. What an amazing life!
    As always, your writing is great, Pam, and the report on Dolly & Ollie is good.

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