Two Books for Mention on a Sunday

41057294._UY2115_SS2115_After several days of absolute pouring rain we are finally having a couple of lovely winter days with full sunshine.  Ollie and I went to the dog beach yesterday and he had a lovely time.


I finished Normal People by Sally Rooney. Our book group was to have discussed it last month but we are not meeting now so I was late reading it. I didn’t really want to read it as I’ve heard both negative and positive reviews about it. It’s not a long book so I picked it up to see what all the fuss is about it since I had it. I have to say it was not a book I loved but I can see why some others loved it. The story is about Marianne who is a rich high school/college girl who lives in Sligo, Ireland then goes to Trinity college in Dublin. She comes from a wealthy family of her mother who ignores her and her older brother who is quite abusive. She lives in her own world and has no friends and states she doesn’t need them. She doesn’t care of about high school or the people in it but she is very bright.  She meets Connor. Connor’s mother Lorraine cleans for Marianne’s household. Because Marianne is so ostracised at school Connor does not let on they know  each other much less see each other.  They develop a very long standing intimate relationship but nobody knows about it except Connor’s mother who likes Marianne and leaves him to it.

dog beach
There are two sections to dog beach separated by a thin stream of water. However we have had so much rain there was water everywhere.

The story continues. Both are well read and exceedingly bright and though Connor comes from a poorer background he gets a scholarship to go to Trinity and their saga continues in Dublin. Then we get new boyfriends and new girlfriends although the two of them always seem to love each other.

I grew very weary of this relationship.  Some of the positive points of the book to me were I liked Connor’s character and his mother Lorraine. I think they were the best developed characters.  Marianne annoyed me beyond belief.  We begin to see her mental instability as the book continues and even understanding that I didn’t feel anything for her. I could say the book is plot driven because all of the other characters including friends at Trinity and back in Sligo were not really developed.  It becomes more apparent as we continue Marianne wants to be physically and mentally hurt by her boyfriends and then by others as well. She doesn’t have much self esteem by the end.

The main things that bothered me about this book:

dog beach 2
This is the far end of the dog beach. I like all the rocks. This beach is on the Derwent River that runs out to the Tasman sea on the east side of Tasmania.

The writing in the first half of the book was poor. I kept thinking “where on earth was the editor” with these sentences?   I thought the writing became stronger towards the last of the book. It settled. There were so many inconsistencies with the book. Marianne seemed strong in herself at the beginning. By the end she is like an entirely different person. I know everyone changes during that age group but her basic nature wasn’t the same.

The store of the relationship of Marianne and Connor drags…..and drags…..and drags….. It is very repetitious. It is very predictable. I was going to give it up about 60 or 70% of the way through but I was curious how this book would end. When the ending came it is incredibly unsatisfying and open to interpretation as to how one feels about the entire story. I kind of thought, “right, they have left the way open for a sequel.”  That was my first thought. My second thought is if there is a sequel I won’t be looking at it.

A series has evidently been made of this book and some viewers in the United States have viewed it. I haven’t seen it here on any thing I have access to but I don’t think I could bare to watch it.

My other thought was if I was in the ages between 16 and 25 I’d probably have loved the angst of this story and the relationship and wondering about all the options available to them and how it would work out. I wouldn’t have cared that the writing wasn’t that great. There are a couple of vloggers I came across on You Tube that are in their 20’s and they rave about it. In fact three of them got together and had a Normal People day where they all sat down in their respective homes one day and read it together then talked about it that evening.

But as an older person I found the book tedious and done before a hundred different ways and I expect and enjoy better writing these days. I guess you could say I’m much more discerning as you might expect a person to be who’s been reading more than 60+ years.

dog beach 3
We are at the far end of the beach. In the distant horizon is where the location of the first photo I posted is. In the sun. A lovely sandy beach.

Would I recommend this book to others?  No. There is plenty more out there to read that’s enjoyable unless you’re 16 and having boyfriend problems as there are many lessons one that age could learn as to what a relationship should be about. As there are so many examples in this book about what a relationship shouldn’t be about.  If that makes sense.

I was going to share a second book with you today but I won’t as I think this post is long enough and I don’t like to make them too long.

Instead I will post up a couple of photos from Ollie and I at the beach yesterday. I’ll write about the second book I received from the library this week in a day or two. I hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Screenshot 5
Now! Off to find another book to read.

10 thoughts on “Two Books for Mention on a Sunday

  1. Thank you for sharing those lovely pictures – I envy you and Ollie the beach. As for the Rooney thank you for covering it so extensively and taking one for the team. You’ve convinced me I don’t need to waste my time on it. Mr. Kaggsy saw some of the TV show and was equally unimpressed so I guess we’re either too old or it’s very bad!


    1. I think we are too old for the book. Hahaha. At least I am, you are much younger so you’re on the cusp😍. On to another book. I never mind finishing a book I didn’t enjoy because it usually makes the next one that much better. 😍

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  2. I abandoned the book around page 10, I think; not sure I got that far. I enjoyed your review and you have expressed some of my unformulated reactions to the little I did read. Like you, I have a 65 year reading career behind me and one’s tastes do change as one ages.


  3. This is a book that seems to be one of those flavour of the moment books, and I was wondering if it was worth the effort, my daughter, who is in the specified age group, read it and she was not impressed by it either, her taste tends towards the literary and she may not be typical of her age group. But with two opinions I trust I might give this one a miss. Sometimes you do have to be a certain age to enjoy some books.
    Love the photos, the beach is so much fun for a curious canine.


  4. i think that’s why i don’t read many recent books, there being a wide disconnect between what modern young people like and what older persons consider good lit… so i mostly find myself engrossed, or at least interested, in older books, 19th c., or golden age mysteries… of course i’m on an adventure kick at the moment, but that might end pretty soon… or not? that last photo draws the observer right in to it; i could almost put my foot through the screen and take a walk!


    1. I know what you mean. I am often disappointed by contemporary books. I like books published before 1970 or thereabouts. It would be nice if you could step through the photo. I read a Stephen King book many years ago where the protagonist was running from someone and jumped into the painting that hung on her living room wall, then the bad guys followed. They spent a lot of time running around in the photo.


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