Bits and Pieces for a Hot Day

This photo lifted from the Tasmanian Weather Page on FB. The temp for Hobart has now been revised from 33 to 36C. The country areas to hit 40.

Australia is in the grip of a heatwave today and tomorrow especially. It is supposed to get near 40C here which is highly unusual. To my American friends and family that is around 95F.  The sun here is very hot, dry and direct. You can feel it burn through your clothes. The kind of heat we get is hard to describe but other Australians will know what I mean. I think it will be an indoor day with air conditioning on and reading books, writing in my journals or binging on a good Netflix British crime/detective show.

Mr Penguin is travelling in India now for a 19 day tour with four other people. I have his itinerary in my diary and am googling the places he goes each day to see what they get up to.  They are visiting markets, doing cooking classes, tours around cities, boat rides down rivers, riding on the trains and having two nights camping in the desert with a camel trek up through the sand dunes.  It will be fun to follow him.  He might send a photo or two from his tablet or phone that I share here. So far I only have a photo of his hotel room (bed and bath) so not worth sharing. At least I know he got there okay.

I could not find source of this photo of New Delhi (population of area around 300 million people) except it was part of a tourism page.

The house is full of groceries including ice cream and I have no appointments anywhere. It’s going to be a ‘Pajama Day’ but with shorts and t-shirt.

I’ve been thinking of what I’m going to do with this blog for 2019.  I want to incorporate books I own and read, share some of the old collectable books I keep on a shelf in a hallway that is not exposed to light and I think I’ll use Wednesdays to share my photography.  I had three overseas trips last year and will have two coming up this year in nine different countries. Five of those countries I have not been to before. Many photo opportunities.  I’m not sure I want to call the Wednesday posts ‘Wordless Wednesdays’ as I’d like to caption the photos with descriptions or information of some time. I’d also like a photographic alliteration of Wednesday but have not sat down to think of something with a W.

I just took receipt of this wonderful Vegetarian book. I’m not a vegetarian but would like to eat more vegetarian meals this year. We don’t need so much meat. This is a very practical book I might share later on. Lots of curries with Asian spices and some great desserts. (Not that we need them).

I’d like a paragraph about books, especially non-fiction books I’m picking my way through and thoughts and simple reviews on the fiction books I read.


I think I’ll keep the Weekend Wander for my walks and motorbike rides around Tasmania that I do mainly on weekends. Or I could pretend I do them on weekends and post them anyway. A bit of walking exercise, including the pets and our own local beautiful cities, towns and state.

I’m going to spend Hot Friday and Cool Change Saturday this weekend redesigning content on this blog.

Photos from Glenorchy Market website
This is one of those places where you pick through a lot of junk to find the treasures. We’ll be swirling our pans in the rivers of this stuff. I’m only looking for a couple of cheap plants. I don’t need the rest but fun to forage.

Sunday I’m going to a local market that has all kinds of stuff, pretty much like a home grown flea market with a good friend to look through old clothes, books, cheap plants and flowers and very cheap doughnuts. That might be the topic for a Weekend Wander.

I love that I have a few faithful follower friends but my aim is not to try and get as many people to follow me as possible. I do this purely for fun and to keep track of my life in a journal format. It’s very lovely when people want to participate and share and I enjoy the conversations but as for trying to be someone like an Instagram Queen, I am just not interested.

I had to share this Sherylea. (Photo by friend Sherylea) They just took receipt of this beautiful greyhound, Charlie, to foster him for awhile before he goes up for adoption.  I wouldn’t be able to return him but we’ll see if she does or not. From GAP (greyhound adoption program). Gorgeous boy. I hope to meet him soon.

For those of you attached to the Penguin, he will remain a part of this blog. In fact I might get him off the page for the Sunday Market and take him with me. Get some photos. He hasn’t been out in awhile.





12 thoughts on “Bits and Pieces for a Hot Day

  1. 95 is a decent summer temperature, but I understand it’s different, depending on how the sun strikes. It was technically cooler than that when we visited Florence, Italy, but the sun could strip your skin and burn you to the bone. I hope things cool off for you. If not, get somebody to fill your birdbaths for you, grab the penguin, and run away to cooler climes. I’ll be watching for the pictures!


  2. I love the photos of Tasmania and your animals, and using your blog as a journal. My Instagram account is like that……basically for me. Keep up the good work! I check your blog daily and love when there’s something new. 😻

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  3. We’re all sorted for tomorrow: the awnings are all down, the garden has had a soaking, and the vague plan I had to see Colette at the pictures have been shelved. We have a massive solar system (19 panels) so we can use AC guilt-free, but we have found in the past that as long as we seal up the house with external and internal blinds, we don’t usually need to turn on the AC until late in the afternoon.
    Amber will not be happy though: she will be demanding her 4pm walk and not getting it!

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    1. I filled all the containers and baths for the wildlife with water. Will close up. We have a cool change coming through Fri night and Saturday to only be about 21 with 50% chance rain. The heat never lasts very long here. No idea if we’ll get a storm with the change. We never know what will come off the Southern Ocean.

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  4. Difficult with such heat. Inhave problems with degrees like that. Here in Austri we have snow and around a few minus degrees. Lovely. There is not always snow where I live so I enjoy it.
    I look forward to your post for 2019. Enjoy reading about your books, travels and motor cycle rides. I am truly impressed by the latter. Your,photos are great and I am sure I will enjoy how you use the, in the blog.none can do so much with them these days. All the best for 2019 blogging year.


  5. staying cool and avoiding the heat is a good idea… it’s below freezing here although the winter temp is higher than it usually is; probably no snow this year and that doesn’t bother me a bit… some good things about climate change, i think… look on the bright side of life, as Brian said… we love those junk/leftover sales but we haven’t been to one for a long time; maybe this year… interesting post, tx…


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