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I saw this little meme at On Bookes  (originally from Fictionophile) and thought I might join in. Though the name of my blog is quite long I did manage to find books from my shelves.  You might get a better idea why I am focusing on TBR. So many really good unread books!
The rules are:
1. Spell out your blog’s name
2. Find a book from your TBR that begins with each letter. You cannot add books from another source other than your shelves.
3. Have fun looking through your shelves finding books that meet the criteria.
(The dates are the published dates of the book on my shelf, not necessarily the original publication date.)
T   The Travelling Cat: A Journey Round Britain with Pugwash by Frederick Harrison
        – 1989
R    Rose in Bloom by Louisa May Alcott – 1876 first published
                                                         (My copy is newer than this one)
A   Australian Notebooks by Betty Churcher  by Betty Churcher  –  2014
V   Van Gogh: The Life by Steven Naifeh  –  2012
E   Essays After Eighty by Donald Hall  – 2014
L   Lost In A Good Book by Jasper Fforde  – 2002
L   Longitude by Dave Sobel  – 1998
I   In The Presence of Horses by Barbara Dimmick  –  1999
N   Native Son by Richard Wright –  1940   (I think if one can only read one African
      American book this is the one to read. )  I cheated here. I have read this book…..twice!
      I wanted to include it because it is such an excellent and important book
P   The Paris Wife by Paula McLain  –  2012
Ellen Montgomery’s Bookshelf by Susan Bogert Warner  –  1903
Namma: A Tibetan Love Story by Kate Karko  –  2001
G   The Golden Arrow by Mary Webb  –  1983
Up The Junction by Nell Dunn  –  2013
I   The Italian Girl by Iris Murdoch  –  1979
N  New Worlds in Old Books by Leona Rostenberg  –  1999
That spells out Travellin’  Penguin.    Have you read any of these books and would you recommend them?  See you next time….gardner

Author: TravellinPenguin

I live a retired life in Tasmania, Australia. I love books, travel, animals, photography, motor biking and good friends. I indulge in all these activities with the little Travellin' Penguin who has now shared five continents with me. We love book shops, photography walks and time with friends as all our family is in USA and Canada. I enjoy visitors to my blog so hope you'll stop by.

21 thoughts on “My Blog’s Name in Books”

  1. I decided not to do this one because of the time it would take, though I reckon it would be fun. I wouldn’t have CHEATED like you have with Native Son! (Seriously, I have this book because my daughter did it when she studied at UVA on an exchange year. She only brought a few books back, and this was one of them. I plan to read it – one day.


  2. What an interesting list. I’ve wanted to read the Van Gogh biography. You’ll have to review it after you read it. 🙂 You mention Richard Wright. I like Langston Hughes’ Not Without Laughter. It’s quite poignant yet filled with cheer. Wright’s a little too pessimistic for me. You have inspired me. I’m going to do the same thing with my TBR pile.


  3. Love the idea. I am a Jasper Fforde fan and I will be very interested to hear what you think of him (he tends to polarise readers but for me, his Shades of Grey – no numbers at the front (!) is a brilliant read). Of the others, Longitude is fascinating, Up the Junction I seem to remember the film (great soundtrack) possibly depressing … good luck!


  4. great list! you have some really interesting titles! the only one i’ve read is Longitude… and the rest sound intriguing… What’s The Golden Arrow like?

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      1. i’m losing it… the books are supposed to be TBR! so of coursed because you haven’t read it yet… sigh, not long now…


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