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I had to take my motorbike into Motorworks for a service the other day. It was to be a lovely,  summer day so starting out at 8:00 am I rode it in. I knew it wouldn’t be ready for several hours. As I also scheduled an eye appointment for later in the morning I thought I would do a bit of street photography around Hobart.

This is my day.


Heading into Hobart I passed the Guide Dogs Memorial Park. Their office is nearby. A tribute to Guide Dogs that have passed on. Snip20171214_12-2

This is a closer look at the park. A sign in braille and a foundation that has dog tags on it with various dog’s names. Snip20171214_13

Down the street a bit further I came across the Cat Cafe. Based on the Melbourne cafe, only smaller, one can go in and have a coffee and cake and spend time with the cats.  The cats are from the Cat Rescue Centre and I believe may be adopted if someone falls in love with one.



This is the mural on the front of the Emergency Vet Clinic just down the street from the Cat Cafe.  It is open nights and weekends. Snip20171214_10


I walked farther along the Main Street (Elizabeth St) into Hobart and passed this mural on an alley wall. It is attached to a cafe. Snip20171214_14

Another block down the street I came across one of the large university buildings. The students have made an angel out of recycled, shredded paper. It is very tall. I couldn’t fit all of it into my camera phone frame.



Around the corner I stopped by the Red Cross Op Shop for Books. They have a wonderful selection but I only look at the shelf that has the “older authors” on it. I picked up a small book of Australian Short stories for $1.50.  It had lots of notes and the stories read had been ticked off in the Table of Contents. Snip20171214_16

Next stop was the Hobart Library (Tasmanian State Library). I had a book of Dogs in Australian Art Work that had come in so I picked it up. As I had more than an hour to wait before my eye appointment I read most of it and took notes and photos. I will put up a second post of this book.


After my eye appointment I walked to the bottle shop to pick up a couple of bottles of wine for Christmas cheer to my favourite second hand book sellers, Mike and Richard of Cracked and Spineless.  It is a wonderful book shop and if you are visiting Hobart and love books, drop in to see them.  (Link here for their wonderful Facebook Page. They sell a lot of books on FB)

I passed this electrics box on the way to the bottle shop. There are many of these boxes around the city, controlling traffic lights? Electrics? I am not sure. They were a dull grey in colour. The city commissioned artists to paint all of them with different themes and they are a pleasant sight for pedestrians. This one represents my favourite Wildlife Sanctuary- Bonorong. (Link Here) Bonorong has trained thousands of wildlife rescuers, including myself. They rescue more than 6000 animals per year that have been injured or are sick.


It was time for some lunch. I walked along the waterfront. You can see what a lovely day it was. Enjoyed some sushi and a cold drink on the verandah overlooking the wharf.


As I had spent more than three hours in town and my bike still had a couple of hours service to go I decided to catch the bus home. (20 minutes away).  I rode back into town a couple hours later with a neighbour on a school run to pick up her child back in the city.

I spied this bus driver leaning against a wall taking a break.  He was engrossed in a Lee Child crime book. I love sneaking photos of people reading books and this one did not go unnoticed. Lovely to see people reading when they have a few minutes.


Last but not least the Christmas Tree down at the wharf.  I will never get used to having Christmas in the summer time with long daylight hours and not much cold.  It almost seems out of place. You would think after 30 years I would get used to it. Enjoy the day and hope your Christmas plans are running smoothly.


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  1. Thank you for taking us with you on your walk around Hobart. It looks like a lovely place. I especially liked your focus on animal related art.
    Christmas is a shambles this year. We’re in the middle of moving, decluttering our old house and getting it ready to go on the market early in January. At the same time, we’re trying to have a few renovations done at the new house, paint it, and try to figure out where our furniture will go when we sell the old house. It’s complete chaos! Wishing you and your family, including the furry ones, a very happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year.


  2. I think you’d love Mirror Sydney. It’s a book (which I reviewed a day or two ago) but it’s also a blog, (https://mirrorsydney.wordpress.com/) with photos of quirky and interesting things like what you have done. But the book doesn’t have photos, it has line drawings instead, grouped around themes. Not being very artistic myself, and knowing nothing about what is apparently called psychogeography, I was entranced by the way the book makes me look at my urban environment differently… Vanessa Berry has made even the daggy bits of Sydney seem fascinating. I am trying to think of ways to do something similar for myself focussing on my immediate environs – not for a blog, but not just with photos either – it needs some commentary so I may do it with scrapbooking … I haven’t decided yet.


    1. Journaling or scrap booking would be fun. I read this review but had forgotten the title. Slow, old brain. I am definitely part of the ‘slow brain’movement. I might see if library has it. The post was interesting but the cover didn’t draw me in.


      1. I like scrapbooking, it’s relaxing and it’s something I can do even though I have zero artistic talent. And I have developed a new use for it: I scrapbook ‘events’ for my MIL who has Alzheimer’s. The journaling allows for an unobtrusive kind of labelling and naming that helps a fading memory, and she loves to go through it and see the pictures of family events like birthdays and mother’s day outings. Every time she picks it up she says, ‘oh, this is lovely, who made this for me?’ and so it is always a ‘fresh’ and happy experience for her.

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      2. You mean the cover of Mirror Sydney? I thought it was a gorgeous cover.

        Anyhow, Pam, I really enjoyed this post. Love the shredded paper angel, and I have photographed the animals on the vet clinic too, as it’s 5-10 mins walk from my brother’s place. Oh, and we have government sponsored electric-thingy painting too.


        1. Yes and next time you are in Hobart visiting your brother we will have to meet over a coffee. Maybe at Fuller’s Book shop or the lovely cafe in the Hobart State Cinema in North Hobart. Their book store is lovely too.


          1. Yes, we will. He’s just retired so I’m hoping to get down there in the next 12 months, though with elderly parents here, both children in Melbourne, and a northern winter holiday “required”, time gets short.


  3. wonderful post! i liked the animal things… i may have mentioned our daughter is a veterinarian; she fixes cats and dogs… the cemetery is a great idea, and Hobart in general seems like a very civilized place… i drooled into my keyboard over the Collectable books… such a fine place to live…

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  4. Oh, so much to love about this post! Were you inspired by Mirror Sydney?
    I really enjoyed all the quirky details of your walk, and you have inspired me to do something similar (though *wry smile* suburban Melbourne lacks some of the charm of Hobart, I must admit). I like the picture of the man reading best of all.
    One thing I did do today: our lovely neighbours are moving on after their elderly mother died, and so we are nervously anticipating the new arrivals. I say nervously because a lovely bank of their trees shades our back garden and there is also a ‘heritage’ hibiscus that hangs over our front fence. It dates from when everyone in the street planted their bare gardens with shared cuttings. What if our new neighbours don’t like these trees? So I photographed them today, just in case we lose them…


    1. I have not heard of Mirror Sydney. It is surprising what you see when you walk down the street with a camera that you miss otherwise. It is a good way to spend a day when waiting for someone. (As opposed to killing time…life is short).

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